Charity Commission Regulation Doesn't Apply to Academies


15 September, 2015

For those Schools which are due to embark or are thinking of embarking on conversion to Academy status - whilst all Academies are charitable in nature, many Schools may not be aware that they cannot register with the Charity Commission for registered charity status. Academies will hold what is known as 'exempt status', which whilst they will not be regulated by the Charity Commission, still means that they must have a charitable purpose and are subject to the provisions of charity law.

Whilst not regulated by the Charity Commission, Academies are still regulated by a 'principal regulator', namely the Secretary of State for Education. With this in mind it is therefore important that the constitution of the Academy conforms and the way in which the charity is governed and run complies with charity law to prevent the Academy being the subject of action from the Secretary of State for Education.

Academies should be well aware of what they can benefit from and what they should be doing to ensure compliance with the law and if there are any doubt as to what these requirements are please feel free to contact John Pickervance on 01254 222365 or by email at John Pickervance


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