More ways than one to claim


11 December, 2008

Compensation claims? That's just car accidents and whiplash isn't it?

It's a question that personal injury lawyers often get asked. The answer is that most personal injury lawyers do deal with car crashes and whiplash but at Forbes we deal with a lot more than that.

There are all sorts of situations that might lead to a compensation claim. Most can arise from a single incident but some can be as a result of long term exposure to dangerous materials; asbestos for example or loud noises.

Work injuries are all too common with Health and Safety procedures being ignored or overlooked which can result in injury, and sometimes death.

There are also what we call public liability claims where the injury is due to slipping in a shop or on a defective pavement.

These can result in serious injury; as can the traumatic consequences of abuse suffered by children. Cases can be pursued if the treatment received from professionals, such as teachers, carers or at Hospital, is negligent. You may even suffer injury on your holidays abroad.

Here at Forbes we can offer expertise relating to any personal injury claim as well as the confidentiality that would be expected.

Graeme Bradshaw, Associate Solicitor dealing with personal injury claims at Forbes, Preston explains," Many of the cases we deal with are lower value claims where, fortunately, serious injury has not occurred. We do, however, deal with any case involving personal injury, however serious. We have the expertise and experience to deal with any injury claim and always act in the best interests of the victim."

Forbes personal injury team is made up of specialist personal injury solicitors / lawyers who offer advice on all areas of personal injury on a no win no fee basis. Whether you have had an accident at work, an accident on the street or a car accident (road traffic accident) we can provide you with expert advice on your personal injury claim ensuring you receive the accident compensation you are entitled to. For further information on personal injury accidents please contact any member of our personal injury team.


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