Landmark Ruling To Open Floodgates on Divorce Settlements


14 October, 2015

A Family Expert is warning divorcing parties not to lie about their financial situation following two landmark rulings.

The Supreme Court today handed down their judgments in the cases of Sharland v Sharland, and Gohil v Gohil. Although the cases involved difference facts, they were brought to the Supreme Court as ultimately their husbands lied about how rich they were.

Both women in the cases had agreed settlements with their ex husbands before realising they had been misled financially. Both the High Court and Appeal Court accepted that the men had lied but refused the women to claim higher divorce settlements. Today's ruling will now allow the women to appeal the original decision, potentially forcing their husbands to give them more money.

Dawn Baker, Partner at Forbes Solicitors comments, "It is a duty of both parties to make full and frank disclosure to the Court regarding financial assets. This ruling will pave the way for new proceedings allowing previous divorce agreements to be revisited if either party feels the other has lied about their financial situation."


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