Rehabilitation Code Revised


29 October, 2015

An updated Rehabilitation Code has been published. According to the Rehabilitation Working Party, the revised Rehabilitation Code provides "an approved framework for injury claims within which claimant representatives and compensators can work together". Whilst the Code is voluntary, the Personal Injury Pre-action Protocol provides that its use should be considered for all types of personal injury claims. The objective is to ensure that injured people receive the rehabilitation they need as soon as possible.

For the first time, the code includes a separate section for lower value injuries, i.e. those injuries worth less than £25,000. It is recognised that in situations where there is a medical need for the claimant and/or their solicitor to arrange treatment before the compensator has had time to approve it, the compensator is not obliged to pay for treatment that is unnecessary, disproportionate or unduly expensive.

The Revised Code also includes a new Case Management Guide which is intended to complement the code.

Click here to view the new code in its entirety.

Sarah Wilkinson


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