#LeonasStory - Forbes Solicitors Brain Injury Awareness Campaign


08 November, 2016

Forbes Solicitors have launched a campaign to raise awareness surrounding the issue of brain injuries caused by medical negligence. According to Headway findings, acquired brain injury hospital admissions have increased by 10% since 2005-6 and in 2013-14, a staggering 162,554 people were admitted to hospital with a head injury. These shocking figures are highlighting the increase in acquired brain injuries and the devastating impact it's having on individuals and their families.

We've put together a case study video, downloadable information guide and knowledge quiz on our campaign page in order to bring the effects of brain injury to light.

The effects of cerebral palsy

How could medical negligence help you and your family? We sat down with our client, Angela, who spoke in-depth about her traumatic experience during the delivery of her child. Her daughter, Leona, now suffers from cerebral palsy due to brain damage acquired at birth, and requires round-the-clock care. After securing a substantial compensation amount to improve Leona's quality of life, Forbes have been involved with the family for over 15 years, offering continuous support, which Angela describes in our video.

Informative resource

The complex area of brain injuries can sometimes be difficult to digest. With our downloadable guide, you can read at your own pace about the different areas that can cause a devastating effect. Whether it's birth injuries caused by medical negligence, like cerebral palsy, diagnosis failures or accidents during surgery, we've outlined what you need to know.

Improving your knowledge

How much do you know about the effects of brain injuries? Our knowledge quiz can provide you with the facts and information about a subject that tends to be kept under wraps. Take our quiz and see how much you know.

Click here to read more about #LeonasStory or if you need to talk to a member of the Forbes team about a potential brain injury claim, get in touch by calling 0800 037 4625.


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