GP Surgery Negligent


30 July, 2009

A 40 year old woman received compensation in the sum of £13,500 following negligent treatment by her GP surgery.

Then aged 37, the lady underwent an operation in July 2005. The hospital informed the lady's GP surgery that the wound had been left open and had been packed with a gauze, and gave explicit instructions for the gauze to be removed when she attended the surgery. However, two days following the operation she attended her GP surgery where the nurse repacked the wound but failed to take out the initial gauze.

A few days later she began to experience pain in and around the wound. In September 2005 the wound began to discharge pus. She returned to her GP who advised her to keep taking antibiotics and attend Accident and Emergency at her local hospital if the pain got worse. This she did three days later. The hospital discovered that the original gauze had been left in the wound.

She had to undergo a further operation for the gauge to be removed.

The lady then brought a successful claim for negligent treatment against GP surgery. She claimed for the scar on her back, eight weeks increased pain and suffering following the initial operation and a further four weeks pain and suffering following the second unnecessary operation to remove the gauge. She also suffered from emotional pain and upset amounting to post traumatic stress disorder.

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