Scuba-diving instructor receives payout following Road Traffic Accident


13 August, 2009

A 27 year old man received £24,872 in compensation after injuring his back in a road traffic accident which resulted in him being unable to pursue his chosen career as a scuba-diving instructor.

In April 2004, then aged 23, he was driving his car when he began to overtake another car. As he attempted this manoeuvre, the other car, without checking whether the right hand lane was clear, or making any signal of his intentions, began to switch lanes into the lane that his car occupied. In an attempt to avoid colliding with the Defenant's car, he steered to his right where he clipped a grass verge spinning his car 180 degrees.

His back injuries lasted for up to two years after the accident, during which period he also suffered from sleepless nights.

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