Achilles Injury Results in Compensation


13 August, 2009

In August 2005 whilst playing cricket, a man went off injured after hearing a loud popping noise, or tearing sound from the calf muscle in his leg. He was taken to hospital.

At the hospital he was examined and told that he had merely sprained his ankle, and with sufficient rest and treatment with an icepack it would improve by itself. He was then discharged.

In actual fact, he had torn his Achilles tendon.

Due to his injury becoming increasingly worse, he attended his GP in September 2005 where he was referred for an urgent scan. The scan revealed the true nature of the injury.

The man was unable to return to work for eight months.

He was successful, against the initial hospital where he attended, in claiming that if the tear to his Achilles tendon had been diagnosed at the hospital then the appropriate treatment would have been provided and so the condition of the tendon would not have deteriorated.

Aged 46 at the date of settlement, he was awarded £8,000 in compensation for the negligent treatment that he had received from the hospital.

Forbes' specialised Clinical Negligence departments have handled a number of cases where people have been successful in recovering damages for negligent treatment received by a hospital. We are the holders of a legal aid franchise and can apply for legal funding. We also operate on a basis no win, no fee biasis in appropriate cases.


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