I am considering a cosmetic procedure, should I be concerned about the negligence cases I read about in the press?


29 May, 2013

The trend for cosmetic procedures for aesthetic purposes has grown in popularity for both men and women as it becomes more accessible, and the variety of procedures increases. Attitudes have changed fuelled by media portrayal of perfection and body image, celebrities and adverts. People seek cosmetic procedures to solve their body image issues; it is simply the modern way. The aim is to improve appearance and self esteem by reshaping the normal structure of the body. Popular procedures include breast augmentation, rhinoplasty, liposuction and Botox®. In most cases the patient is not seeking to address a medical problem. A simple internet search confirms the information and number of options available.

When considering whether to have a procedure it is important to do your research. Find a clinic that is registered with the Care Quality Commission. Not all non surgical cosmetic treatments are regulated. Most people approach clinics direct rather than by G.P referral. Research the person you are considering to carry out a procedure and check that he or she has sufficient training, competency and experience.

As the number of people turning to cosmetic procedures rises, so have the number of negligence claims. There is however a large amount of subjectivity when assessing the outcome. It is unlikely to be enough simply to be disappointed with the results. The law dictates that you are entitled to a certain standard of care. In order to succeed in a claim the claimant must establish that the procedure was so bad it amounts to a breach of the surgeon's or clinic's legal duty of care.

All procedures carry risk and it is important to consider physical and psychological impact of it. When they go wrong they can have devastating effects on the individual. We are conscious of the difficulties that negligent treatment causes and will look to seek compensation and appropriate treatment to help you return to normal as quickly and painlessly as possible. These are sensitive issues to deal with and require an effective and understanding solicitor. We offer both male and female solicitors with a wealth of experience in clinical negligence.

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