Broken leg results from misdiagnosis of bone disease


25 September, 2009

A 44-year-old man was awarded £50,000 in damages after the hospital failed to make a correct diagnosis.

In December 2005, aged 39, he attended his local hospital complaining of pain and swelling in his right leg. He was diagnosed as suffering from deep vein thrombosis and was subsequently discharged.

Three days later he attended a different hospital of the same Trust complaining of increased levels of pain. This time the diagnosis was that he was suffering from septic arthritis of the right knee and cellulitis of the right thigh. Over the course of the next month he underwent nine operations, though with no beneficial effect.

In January 2005 he suffered multi-organ failure. It was then that radiographic investigations were carried out and it was discovered that he might have osteomyelitis (an infectious, inflammatory disease of the bone).

Whilst in hospital the man fell on the ward and sustained a fracture to his right femur.

He brought a claim against the hospital alleging that if radiographic investigations had been carried out during his initial attendances then osteomyelitis would have been detected and treated accordingly. The Claimant was successful and compensation was paid in the sum of £50,000.

Over the years, Forbes' specialised Clinical Negligence departments have handled a number of cases where people have been successful in recovering damages for negligent treatment received by a hospital.

Forbes personal injury solicitors operate on a no win, no fee basis for compensation claims and have solicitors who are members of the Law Society Personal Injury Panel, the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers.


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