Hospital admit liability after woman develops pressure sores


25 September, 2009

A 46-year-old woman received an out-of-court settlement of £7,500.

Having been diagnosed with deep vein thrombosis, the lady attended hospital twelve days later due to an unrelated matter. Whilst in hospital she was informed that she would need to wear anti-ambolic stockings for her deep vein thrombosis condition.

Shortly after the stockings were applied, she began to experience pain and discomfort around her feet and ankles but despite telling a nurse of her discomfort the stockings were not removed until she was transferred to another hospital some two weeks later. By that time pressure sores had developed on both ankles and behind her left knee.

Her claim for damages was successful on the basis that the staff at the hospital who had recommended the use of the stockings should have followed a care plan so that the stockings could have been removed.

Over the years, Forbes' specialised Clinical Negligence departments have handled a number of cases where people have been successful in recovering damages for negligent treatment received by a hospital.

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