Could the divorce battle be changing?


14 January, 2010

The Divorce Solicitors at Lancashire law firm Forbes Solicitors is warning divorcing couples to take caution in using their partner's mail as evidence in court following the high profile divorce case of celebrity chef Marco Pierre White.

The chef is pursuing his estranged wife's lawyers in a case that could dramatically change the way divorce battles are fought after she intercepted letters addressed to Marco. She later produced the letters as evidence in court without him ever seeing them. The trial will take place later this year but has already prompted many enquiries from people who think they may be able to lodge similar claims.

Divorce Solicitor Judith Wright warns, "It is essential that the Court provides some clear guidelines following this case. Without the opportunity of using such evidence in court, whether letters, bank statements, business accounts etc, in the other party's name, how else does a partner prove their position?"

Judith advises further that "Until full guidelines are issued care should be taken to ensure no force is used to obtain evidence and all documents should be disclosed at the outset of any divorce case. The same applies to any evidence obtained via a computer, never hack into your partner's computer or intercept any emails to which you do not share access."

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