Bullying - A Warning to All Employers


24 February, 2010

Lancashire law firm Forbes Solicitors has warned that it is essential for employers to deal fully with any allegations of bullying and harassment and put in place appropriate policies to deal with them after the issue of bullying was pushed into the spotlight.

Bullying in the work place can range from extremes such as physical violence to less obvious forms like ignoring someone. Tackling workplace bullying and harassment is a joint responsibility for the organisation and individuals working within it.

Employment Solicitor Amy Stokes warns, "It is important an employer has in place a robust and well communicated policy. If matters are not handled properly employers and individuals can be ordered to pay unlimited compensation where discrimination-based harassment or bullying has occurred, including the payment of compensation for injury to feelings."

Employers requiring more information should contact the Employment Law team at Forbes Solicitors on freephone 0800 689 0831 or by email today.


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