No longer shy and retiring?


29 July, 2010

Peter Byrne

Forbes Solicitors is advising employers to be prepared for the forthcoming changes to retirement age following the government announcement.

The government is planning to scrap the default retirement age in the UK from October 2011, meaning employers would not be allowed to dismiss staff because they had reached the age of 65.

Peter Byrne, Senior Employment Law Solicitor comments, 'It is anticipated that the changes will come into effect from October 2011 and on the basis that an employer must give a minimum of six months notice before forcing someone to retire this means that the changes in reality will be felt with effect from 6th April 2011. It is essential that employers are up to date with the proposed changes and are prepared.

I would hope that the government will provide clear guidance as to how employers can continue to manage their workforce in the future in relation to enforced retirement when the existing system is removed altogether."

It will still be possible for individual employers to operate a compulsory retirement age within their own business, provided that they can objectively justify the need for the retirement age to be set at that particular level. Examples provided could include aircraft traffic controllers and police officers.


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