Tiger divorces at speed


24 August, 2010

As disgraced Tiger Woods' divorce from his betrayed wife Elin Nordegren was finalised yesterday, Forbes Solicitors is advising that if both the couple agree on the terms there needn't be a drawn out divorce battle.

The couple finalised their divorce yesterday after Tiger's infidelities came to light in November 2009. Although a pre nuptial agreement was signed prior to the marriage this was renegotiated following the alleged affairs which means his former wife is likely to have received more than her entitlement under the original agreement. The main priority of both parties in the case seems to be the welfare of the children as they have attended parenting classes and agreed to share custody.

Dawn Baker, Partner and Family Law Solicitor at Forbes comments, "This divorce case had the potential to be dragged through the courts and the couple's private business aired in public. However the case seems to have been relatively straightforward. The quickness of the settlement suggests that this case was agreed by consent rather than acrimoniously through the courts. The case should demonstrate to divorcing couples that the process doesn't need to be drawn out if you can agree terms however this is not always possible."


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