Landmark agreement extends ASA's digital remit


03 September, 2010

charlotte wood

As the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) is about to extend its digital remit to deliver more comprehensive consumer protection online, Forbes Solicitors is advising businesses to be up to speed with the changes to avoid any penalties.

Currently the ASA's online remit covers paid-for advertising and sales promotions. In the past it has received thousands of complaints about promotional content on businesses' own websites but was not able to take action which prompted an expansion to existing advertising codes and from March 2011 all online marketing communications will be subject to the same ASA codes of practice as TV and newspaper advertising.

Charlotte Wood, Business Law Solicitor at Forbes Solicitors comments, "As this extension will apply to all businesses regardless of their size and sector, your business will be affected if you promote your product or service anywhere on-line. As well as your own website, marketing information published in other free web spaces such as Facebook and Twitter will also be regulated. It's vital to make sure you are compliant with the ASA codes and that your staff are aware of what they can and can't say about your products or services."

All businesses will therefore be under the watchful eye of the ASA to ensure compliance with these rules and to impose sanctions where the codes are breached. The new agreement gives the ASA additional sanctions it can use against those who breach the codes, one of which is that the ASA can publish its own advertisement condemning the misleading or false advertisement!

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