Facebook 'Places' you in a dangerous spot


01 October, 2010

Facebook 'Places' you in a dangerous spot

The addition of a new Facebook feature has raised concerns for the safety of families trying to hide from abusive partners warns Forbes Solicitors.

The feature named 'Places' allows a user to indicate upon their profile exactly where they are at any given time. Not only this, but friends can check other users into a certain location. This not only identifies where a person is at any given time, but could also alert somebody to the fact that the person is not at home.

Jane Nightingale, Family Solicitor at Forbes warns, "For a person fleeing domestic abuse, this could present a real danger. You must ensure that you have not just blocked any perpetrator from reading your profile, but also considered carefully any friends and family of that person who may pass on information. I would recommend that anyone concerned with a separation, domestic violence or harassment carefully review their Facebook and other social networking profiles.'

The information displayed on a Facebook profile can be controlled by the user's privacy settings, but in times of stress, this may be something that is overlooked.


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