Roll up, Roll up for a Pre Nup


20 October, 2010

Divorce Solicitors at Lancashire Law firm Forbes Solicitors is advising couples to consider entering into a prenuptial agreement following a landmark ruling.

Although prenuptial agreements aren't binding in English Law the decision by the Supreme Court in the case of Ms Radmacher and Mr Granatino highlights the consideration being given by the Courts towards prenuptial agreements and the greater importance that is being placed on them.

In this case Ms Radmacher and Mr Granatino entered into a prenuptial agreement in 1998. Despite agreeing not to claim on her fortune Mr Granatino was previously awarded £5.85million but the Supreme Court have reduced his lump sum to approximately £1million taking into account the prenuptial agreement signed by them.

Divorce Solicitor Sarah Hinde warns, "It may not be romantic but couples should consider making a prenuptial agreement as part of their wedding plans. Couples can seek to regulate their property and financial arrangements by entering into a properly executed prenuptial agreement. It is essential that independent legal advice is sought before entering into such an agreement and it will be necessary to provide full and frank financial disclosure."


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