Intellectual Property Review


05 November, 2010

An Intellectual Property Expert at Forbes Solicitors has welcomed the news that a review into how the intellectual property system can better drive growth and innovation will take place.

David Cameron announced that a review of IP laws will take place to bring them in line with the internet age. The review will look at issues including the cost and complexity of enforcing IP rights in the UK and the difficulty to SME's of accessing services to help them protect and exploit their IP.

Daniel Milnes, Intellectual Property Solicitor at Forbes comments on the announcement, "The Government is taking on a big issue here. Copyright legislation dating from the late 80's is not what you want in the internet age."

"There is scope for lots of improvement in our current copyright laws which look like a jungle to many people trying to get a web-based business going. If the review is also going to make effective protection for a range of intellectual property rights cheaper to get and easier to use then it has got to be a good thing."


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