Is it possible to take action against my dentist for negligent treatment?


08 November, 2010

I have recently been told by my new Dentist that I have serious periodontal disease, i.e. that my gums are deteriorating and some of my teeth are becoming loose. I have been told that this is because the disease attacks the gums and in turn erodes the bone that holds my teeth in place. My new Dentist says that this deterioration has been taking place for years whilst I was under the care of my former dentist. Can I take legal action?

Sara Linford, Clinical Negligence Solicitor at Forbes Solicitors advises:

Our Clinical Negligence Solicitors have seen a rise in the number of dental negligence cases we are dealing with and would certainly investigate a claim for dental negligence in a case like this. We would initially give you a free consultation to discuss the circumstances of your claim and the best way forward. Periodontal disease is recognisable and very treatable in its early stages and it would seem that your Dentist should have tested for the disease and treated you accordingly. Had he done so the disease would not have become as advanced as it now is and you would not be at such a risk of losing all your teeth.

We would initially write a letter before claim to your former Dentist and he would pass this onto his insurers. We would request a copy of all your dental notes and x-rays including the notes held by your present Dentist so that our independent expert would have a full picture of your dental history.

We would ask our dental expert to examine you, look at all your dental notes, and give us an expert opinion as to whether your former Dentist had been negligent and, if he feels that he has been negligent, what damage that negligence has caused and what remedial treatment you require and the cost of that treatment.

If it was found that your Dentist had been negligent in not diagnosing your condition his insurers would have to compensate you for the pain and suffering caused by the advanced stage that the gum disease had reached and we would also be able to recover compensation for future restorative work which would otherwise almost certainly not be available on the NHS.

If you have suffered as a result of negligent dental treatment contact Sara Linford by email or the team of Clinical Negligence Solicitors at Forbes on free phone 0800 689 0973. Forbes offers free initial constulations and funding options can be considered including your eligibility for Legal Services Commission Funding (Public Funding). If you have a case worth investigating we are sure that we can arrange a funding method suitable to you.


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