The importance of a 'Clean Break'


23 November, 2010

Gill Carr

Family Law experts Forbes Solicitors are advising people to consider a 'clean break' arrangement or obtain an order dealing with financial matters after divorcing following the recent case of a lottery winner who was sued by his ex wife for a share of his winnings.

Nigel Page was sued by his former wife, who he divorced ten years earlier, shortly after he won £56 million on the Euromillions lottery. His ex wife initially asked for £8million but accepted £2million in an out of court agreement. She has also won a significant increase in her monthly maintenance payments for their daughter.

Family Solicitor Gill Carr comments, "If they had a clean break agreement in their divorce the situation could have been very different. The object of the clean break is to settle once and for all the parties' financial responsibility towards each other. It concludes and finalises all of their financial inter-dependence to enable them to leave their past behind and begin again - enabling a clean break. Unfortunately it would appear that Mr Page, despite being divorced, never dealt with the financial aspect of the separation."

The clean break is always considered when the court are asked to determine a financial settlement and the court must consider all the statutory factors in deciding whether it is appropriate on the facts of the particular case.


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