Difficult decisions to be made when making a will


17 January, 2011

Following the BBC Programme 'Can't Take It With You' Forbes Solicitors is urging people to face up to difficult decisions when making a will.

The show follows two families who are preparing to make wills but are torn about who should inherit. The wives in the two families are against the principle of inheritance and want to leave everything owned to charities where as the husbands would rather their families inherit.

Jane Flaherty, Wills Solicitor at Preston comments, 'People often need to face some uncomfortable home truths before they make a will. Often families disagree about who should inherit especially where previous marriages are concerned. These are tough decisions that need to be made as making no decision at all and dying without a will can cause rifts that tear families apart.'

If you fail to make a will you will die "intestate", which means that an estate is administered in accordance with the Intestacy Rules. The division of an estate and possessions will be determined according to these rules which are often impersonal, inflexible and do not reflect today's family structures.

Our Will writing solicitors will help you plan for the transfer of your estate and possessions on death taking into account your personal family and financial circumstances. We will guide you through the options available including advising of the tax consequences of your proposals to ensure the smooth transfer of wealth from one generation to the next.

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