Pension Reminder


19 January, 2011

Pension Reminder

The Pensions minister Steve Webb recently revealed that more than 2 million Britons who are already over 50 are expected to reach their 100th birthday. He added that 5.5 million Britons aged between 16 and 50 should also live to be a 100 whilst figures from the Department for Works and Pensions show that 17% of the current UK population can expect to see their 100th birthday.

These figures highlight the importance of saving for a pension. Planning for the future can be a minefield but how can people expect 'a long and happy retirement' without planning for it. You should review your pension plan on a regular basis to make sure that it is growing at a reasonable rate. Waiting until your retire may be too late as you may find that you won't get as much money in your pension as you expected

Our Financial Advisers can assist you when planning for your retirement. Being totally independent means we are able to search through the entire range of options that are available, in order to recommend the product which is most appropriate for you.


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