Mediation Service now offered at Forbes Solicitors


25 January, 2011

The Dispute Resolution Department at Forbes Solicitors is now offering a Mediation service following the qualification of Robin Stephens as an Accredited Mediator.

Mediation encourages the settlement of disputes by a solution that's acceptable to everyone in the case. The Mediator takes the role of an impartial third party who assists businesses involved in coming to a solution.

Robin comments, "I am delighted to be able to offer another way to resolve commercial disputes. By taking part in mediation the parties have more control over how their dispute is resolved rather than having a decision forced upon them by a third party, such as a Judge. Following the spending cuts mediation has become a more attractive option for resolving disputes, because the costs are much lower than going to Court. Statistically mediation has over an 80% success rate, so individuals and businesses with disputes would be well advised to consider it"

Mediation is a confidential way of settling a dispute whilst avoiding costly court proceedings. Mediation can be an especially effective method of resolving a dispute if an ongoing relationship between those involved is to be maintained.

For further information or advice please contact Robin Stephens by email or on freephone 0800 689 0831.


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