Further increase in parental child abduction


05 July, 2011

The Family Law Team at Forbes Solicitors is advising separated families to make sure holiday plans are always firmly agreed to avoid any problems. This comes as the Foreign Office reported a 10% increase in the past year in cases where a British child has been abducted by a parent and taken overseas. Most of these cases occurred in summer when a parent refused to return a child following a holiday abroad.

Donna Amos, Family Solicitor at Forbes warns, "If a parent takes their child abroad without the permission of the other parent they may be committing child abduction. Before taking a child to another country the parent should first seek the permission of the other parent or the British Courts. Likewise if you believe your child is being wrongfully retained or is at risk of abduction you should seek legal advice without delay."

Pakistan, Thailand and India were the most common abduction destinations last year out of the 97 countries which have not ratified the 1980 Hague convention on international child abduction.

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