Proposed Changes To Ease Burden On Businesses


05 October, 2011

Lancashire Law firm Forbes Solicitors is welcoming the proposed changes to employment law announced by the Chancellor at the Conservative Party Conference today.

  • The qualifying period for issuing a claim for unfair dismissal will increase from the present period of one year to two years from 6th April 2012.
  • A fee is to be introduced for the issuing of claims in the Employment Tribunal. It is expected that a fee structure will apply and it appears that an upfront fee of £250 will be payable when a Claimant lodges a claim with the Tribunal. Once the hearing is listed, a further fee of £1000 will be payable. These fees will increase in the event of a claim being over £30,000.

Peter Byrne, Head of Employment at Forbes comments, "The purpose of this measure is to discourage speculative claims. I regularly encounter situations where former employees issue claims for nuisance value and the introduction of a fee will surely provide a deterrent to this. I welcome any measure which eases the burden on small businesses."


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