School Accident Claims - Injury at School Compensation

If you or a child has been injured in a school, college or nursery and it was somebody else’s fault you might be able to claim compensation.



Accidents can happen in schools, colleges and even nurseries and if children are injured and it was someone else's fault they are entitled to compensation for their injuries.

The expert personal injury solicitors at Forbes often deal with claims involving injuries sustained from accidents in a public place including schools. All claims are handled on a no win, no fee basis which means there is no financial risk to you in the unlikely event that your claim is unsuccessful.

Common School Accidents

The following list highlights a few of the issues our expert solicitors have frequently come across:

  • Accidents sustained due to poor supervision
  • Accidents sustained in PE and sports lessons
  • Accidents sustained on school trips
  • Accidents in the playground
  • Slips, trips and falls on school grounds or in school buildings
  • Accidents sustained from damaged, slippery or uneven surfaces
  • Road traffic accidents on the way to school trips, sporting days etc.
  • Injuries sustained in science labs/art rooms e.g. burns from a Bunsen Burner, glue guns
  • Food poisoning

An accident at school compensation claim must be made by a responsible adult on behalf of the injured child. This will usually be a parent, relative or legal guardian or depending on the circumstances someone who has a close enough connection with the child.

There are other circumstances in which a personal injury compensation claim may possible; for example, if a child sits on a chair which then breaks and they are injured or they cut themselves on a desk with sharp edges. If certain safety standards are not met and your child is injured a result, you may have grounds to make a claim for compensation on their behalf.

We also deal with many compensation claims concerning university students who have suffered a personal injury claim.

If your child has suffered a personal injury whilst at school and it was not their fault, contact the expert personal injury solicitors at Forbes today. During our free initial consultation with yourself we will discuss the extent of your injuries with you and ascertain as to whether you have a viable claim for compensation. This particular area of law is extremely complex and as such, you need a dedicated team of expert lawyers on your side to ensure your child gets the compensation they deserve.

A compensation claim does so much more than provide victims with the compensation they deserve, it also helps to make sure don't happen again, highlighting the ways the school has failed to protect children from injury and encouraging them to improve their standards so an accident doesn't happen again.

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