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What is Amputation?

Amputation is the surgical removal of a body part, such as an arm, leg, or finger. Amputations can be performed for medical reasons, such as to remove a cancerous tumour, or as a result of an accident, such as a severe injury to a limb.

What is an Amputation Claim?

Amputation claims are legal actions taken by individuals to recover compensation for harm suffered as a result of an amputation. These claims can be made against a person, company, or other entity that is believed to be responsible for the amputation, such as a healthcare provider, an employer, or a manufacturer of faulty equipment.

An accident that results in the amputation or loss of a limb can mean you have to make significant adjustments to your life, as well as seek treatment for both your mental and physical health. In some cases, the accident in question may have happened due to the negligence of others, meaning you could be entitled to compensation. This type of compensation can be useful when making adjustments to living arrangements, coping with the stress and trauma of your accident, medical treatments, and anything else you might need.

At Forbes Solicitors, we have experience with these types of personal injury claims and can get your family the compensation you need. Our amputation claims team will assess your situation and see how we can help, offering bespoke advice and support where we can.

What is an amputation compensation claim?

There are some accidents that may result in the loss of a limb or mean that an amputation has to take place afterwards. If this accident was not your fault, or was a result of negligent behaviour, then you may want to seek compensation as part of an amputation claim.

You may be eligible to receive compensation if you can provide evidence that your injury could have been avoided, had better care been taken. Our amputation claim solicitors, here at Forbes Solicitors, are happy to evaluate your claim and see if you are eligible for compensation, offering a no win no fee service for all our personal injury cases.

Why should I make an amputation compensation claim?

As an amputee, you may have to finance a variety of medical costs as a result of your accident, from physical rehabilitation to expensive prosthetics. This can become a large financial burden, and so seeking out any loss of limb compensation you are owed could help to ease this transition and the adjustments you will have to make.

If you are able to win your claim, then the court will calculate what expenses need to be considered to come up with an accurate sum of money. This may include prosthetics, physiotherapy, rehabilitation, and modifications made to your home and vehicle to accommodate the use of a prosthetic or a wheelchair. In some cases, you may even need to employ a carer if your family cannot provide you with the level of care and attention needed after your accident.

What is classed as a loss of limb?

When regarding personal injury, if you are missing a part of any extremity due to either a surgical procedure or traumatic incident, then it is classed as a loss of limb. If this happens to you, then you could be eligible for loss of limb compensation.

If you have experienced the loss of a limb, why not contact Forbes Solicitors today and find out if you could make an amputation compensation claim.

Is there a time limit on making an amputation compensation claim?

For all personal injury claims, including amputation or loss of limb compensation claims, there is a standard three year period of eligibility. This begins from the date of the accident or when you were first deemed to be aware of the injury.

This time limit can vary depending on individual circumstances, especially if the affected individual is a child or is mentally incapacitated, but for most it is three years. The best course of action however is to speak to a legal specialist about your claim as soon as possible.

How much compensation will I receive?

Depending on the severity of your amputation, the effect it has had upon your life, as well as the treatment and medical care you will need access to, the total sum of compensation you may receive will vary.

However, as amputations can cause serious damage and great suffering, pay-outs can be larger than other personal injury claims. At Forbes Solicitors, we can assess your case and give you an estimation based on previous compensation claims we have won for our clients.

Can claims be made on a no win no fee basis?

When it comes to personal injury claims, accidents where a person has been injured through no fault of their own, our solicitors work on a no win no fee basis. This means that you will not be expected to pay any legal costs or fees in the event that your claim in unsuccessful. If you win we should be able to claim most, if not all of our costs from your opponent.

If you believe you have grounds to make an amputation claim, get in touch today.

Why choose our amputation claims solicitors?

Our amputation claim solicitors are experienced in helping those who have been affected by an accident that wasn't their fault to get the compensation they deserve. Understanding that this may be a difficult time for you, we'll approach your case with the sensitivity and care it needs, as well as provide high quality legal services. Get in touch with our expert team to find out more.

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