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Stress caused by a disability leads to discrimination finding

19 Jun 2018

In city of York Council -V- Grosset The Court of Appeal upheld a claim for stress arising out of a disability amounting to discrimination in the workplace. Mr Grosset, an English teacher, who had cystic fibrosis was suffering an increased workload. In conjunction with this, his Department had…

Questions we have been asked this month

19 Jun 2018

Q: Do we have to open up applications for a full time position to staff on fixed term contracts? A: Yes, a fixed-term employee has the right not to be treated less favourable than a comparable permanent employee with regards the terms of their contract or any other detriment. Regulation 3(2)(c…

Claimant Folds After Giving Evidence at Trial

19 Jun 2018

Fishburn v Rochdale BC - Manchester County Court A Claimant has discontinued her claim for personal injury after a poor performance in the witness box. The Claimant alleged that she sustained a personal accident whilst walking along a pavement. The Claimant contended that she tripped on a…

Cracked flag defence proves to be cracking saving for Council

18 Jun 2018

Miles v Wigan Council This claim arises following an alleged accident in March 2014 when the Claimant stated that she tripped as a result of a rocking flagstone. The Claimant sustained a displaced fracture to her left elbow which required surgical fixation and presented a schedule of special…

GDPR - What's all the fuss about?

18 Jun 2018

After what feels like an age of the GDPR looming on the horizon, the new data protection regime has finally been implemented into law. There is no grace period so those who handle data must be ready to hit the ground running. But what impact will the GDPR have on claims and those who process data for…

Regulatory Update

18 Jun 2018

Contractors face £526,500 penalty for failure to plan work at height An employee fell through a fragile roof at a leisure centre and sustained six fractures to his back. A HSE investigation found that two contractors involved had failed to plan and manage the work at height risk. The…

Court Admits Overcharging Claimants to Issue Stage 3 Proceedings

18 Jun 2018

This week the Courts Service has admitted that since introducing increased court fees in July 2016, claimants have been overcharged for issuing stage 3 proceedings. The overcharged Court fees will have been passed on to defendants or their insurers when stage 3 costs were subsequently claimed. The…

Repair Time Challenge Fails

17 May 2018

Gilpin v Blackburn with Darwen Borough Council Preston County Court On 21 st May 2016, the claimant alighted from a taxi, took a few paces and stumbled in a pothole falling onto her outstretched hand and suffered injury. The claimant brought a claim against the local authority under the…

Section 58 Defence Wins the Day

17 May 2018

Potts v Wigan Council District Judge Mornington - Wigan County Court The claimant alleged that he was running along the pavement outside his home in May 2013 when he tripped on a raised paving slab. The claimant fractured his ankle as a result of the fall. At trial, the claimant…

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