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Introducing ASB and varying existing possession orders

14 Nov 2018

The Forbes' Housing and Regeneration (Litigation) Team have recently been asked about what action our clients can take where there is an existing Suspended Possession Order ('SPO') in place for rent arrears but the tenant is now committing anti-social behaviour and/or further breaches of…

The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea: Grenfell, the aftermath

14 Nov 2018

The tragic events which took place on the 14th June 2017 have placed registered providers of social housing in the media spotlight and the public's hunger for information on social housing, as shown by the recent BBC documentary 'The Fires that Foretold Grenfell', shows no sign of slowing…

Pay in lieu of untaken leave held to accrue to deceased employee's estate

13 Nov 2018

In Wuppertal v Bauer and Willmeroth Broßonn the CJEU has held that the heir of a worker who dies while in an employment relationship with a public or private employer has a right to financial compensation in lieu of the worker's untaken paid annual leave. The right to annual leave was…

Government Considering the Re-Introduction of Tribunal Fees

13 Nov 2018

On 7th November 2018, the Law Society Gazette published an article suggesting that the Ministry of Justice ("the Ministry") has confirmed it may reintroduce fees for employment tribunal claims. Tribunal fees were introduced in July 2013; initially around £160, and increasing to &…

Skate Park Claim Dismissed

01 Nov 2018

Allen v Cycle Route Ltd t/a Override Skate Park In 2015 the claimant attended a skate park owned by the defendant accompanied by a guardian. The 11-year-old claimant was scooting along the street section of the park, consisting of a drop down ramp to a flat bank which included a grind rail, when he…

Regulatory Update - October 2018

01 Nov 2018

Construction Company and Director Prosecuted for Dangerous Building Site A construction company was fined and its managing director ordered to carry out 150 community service after HSE Inspectors found dangerous conditions at its building site. According to the HSE, inspectors had visited the…

Employer Vicariously Liable for Assault by Employee at After Party Drinks

01 Nov 2018

Clive Bellman (A protected party by his litigation friend, Susan Thomas) v Northampton Recruitment Ltd (2018)[2018] EWCA Civ 2214 The Court of Appeal has held a company vicariously liable for an assault committed by its managing director on an employee after a Christmas party. In 2010 the…

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