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Amendments to the MEES Regulations

18 Apr 2019

Following on from our previous article 'MEES, please….are you ready?' published on 16 February 2018, the Energy Efficiency (Private Rented Property) (England and Wales) Regulations 2015 (the "MEES Regulations"), have now been amended as of 1 April 2019 by the Energy Efficiency (…

Not Complying with Court Orders can be Expensive!

16 Apr 2019

Unfortunately we are seeing more and more cases where one party is either not complying with a Court Order in its entirety or, is picking and choosing which parts of the Order they will adhere to. This can be a very expensive risk to take. In a recent Judgement of CM and CM 2019 EWSC 16 , the…

I want to recover my debt, but what will it cost me?

12 Apr 2019

British business is continuing to suffer from a damaging late payment culture. Recent research shows that small businesses in the UK are facing a collective bill of £6.7bn per annum due to late payments by other companies, up from £2.6bn in 2017. The cyclical nature of late payment…

Brexit Update - Working in the UK

12 Apr 2019

In the latest development on Brexit, it has been agreed that the UK will now leave the EU on 31 October 2019, unless a further extension is agreed! However, there still remains a significant amount of uncertainty over what will happen to EEA citizens who are looking to live and work in the UK in the…

Brexit - Extracting the potential impact on workers' rights from the maelstrom

11 Apr 2019

With the pervading sense of uncertainty consuming the arrangements for the UK leaving the EU, it is an unsettling time for both the populace and companies operating within the jurisdiction. One of the many uncertainties is the potential impact Brexit may have on UK employment laws, and consequently…

Managing litigation risk in the gig economy

10 Apr 2019

The Business & Human Rights Resource Centre published the findings of its research into the increase in global gig economy litigation last month in its report titled "The Future of Work: Litigating Labour Relationships in the Gig Economy". The report stresses the need for a rights based…

Brexit held not to have frustrated lease

10 Apr 2019

Canary Wharf (BP4) T1 Ltd and others v European Medicines Agency [2019] EWHC 335 (Ch) The court's finding, on 20th February 2019, in favour of the landlord, Canary Wharf Group, will be met with a sense of relief by those in the Property industry. The tenant, European Medicines Agency (EMA),…

Court ruling on the interplay between disciplinary and criminal investigations

10 Apr 2019

In North West Anglia NHS Foundation Trust v Gregg the Court of Appeal held that an employer was not obliged to postpone a disciplinary hearing pending the outcome of a police investigation into an employee. Dr Gregg was employed as a consultant anaesthetist by the Trust since September 2003. In…

Protection from Forced Marriage

03 Apr 2019

The media have recently reported on the protection for girls from forced marriage by increasing the minimum age to 18 years. Campaigners have raised the issue regarding children marrying at the age of 16 years with parental consent as remaining vulnerable to forced marriage. Conservative MP Pauline…

Forbes acted in Landmark Fraud Case

02 Apr 2019

Craig MacKenzie and Craig Liversidge have acted for an accountant charged with multiple frauds and making employer-related investments. This was a high profile case widely reported in the press. It was the first case of its kind prosecuted by The Pensions Regulator (TPR). Proceedings followed…

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