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Forbes have an expert team of firearms offence solicitors with extensive experience of dealing with individuals who have been accused of possessing, using, transferring or importing firearms.

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We are often asked to assist clients who have already, at some time, during the course of an investigation or Court proceedings instructed Solicitors and are experienced in dealing with the transfer of a case from a previous Solicitor.

Section 57(1) Firearms Act 1968 defines a firearm as a lethal barrelled weapon of any description which any shot, bullet or other missile can be discharged from. Under the Firearms Act 1968 it is an offence to possess a firearm or certain types of ammunition if you do not hold a certificate to do so, this includes component parts of a weapon or anything which could be used to adapt a weapon. Being in possession of certain firearms carries a minimum sentence of 5 years imprisonment.

If you have been arrested or are facing charges for a firearms offence, contact Forbes' firearms offence solicitors as soon as possible. You will be asked to attend a police interview where you will be questioned by the police and asked to provide evidence of your whereabouts and information regarding how you came to be in possession of a firearm. It is important to have a legal representative present during all police interviews and communications with the police.

Police interviews can be very intense, all interviews with the police will be recorded and potentially used as evidence against you. It is vital to seek legal representation from the outset. The earlier you seek legal representation, the more chance you have of a better outcome. For legal representation call 01772 220 022 or complete our online enquiry form. Our firearms offence solicitors will represent you at the police station and make sure your rights are protected throughout the investigations and will advise you on your plea. In some cases, we may instruct experts for fingerprint analysis and DNA testing to prove your innocence.

Our firearms offence team are available 365 days a year, 24/7 for representation at the police station. For representation get in touch today.

Following an interview, you may have to appear in the Crown Court. During a firearms offence investigation, the police will be looking for evidence to prove that you are guilty. If a Judge grants access to your property, the police have the authority to search any properties that you are associated with, with trained sniffer dogs.

If you are facing prosecution for possessing or using a firearm, it is essential to obtain legal representation at an early stage. Contact Forbes Solicitors' firearms offence team today on 01772 220 022 or complete our online enquiry form.

Firearms Offences FAQs

What is considered a firearms offence?

  • Possession of a gun/ammunition without a certificate

  • Possession of an imitation firearm

  • Carrying a gun to endanger life or cause harm, fear or violence towards another person

  • Illegal conversion of weapons for example converting something into a weapon or shortening the length of the barrel

  • Illegal importation of weapons.

What is the sentence for possession of a firearm?

Offences involving firearms are very serious, with some firearms offences having a minimum mandatory sentence of 5 years imprisonment. The sentence will be dependent on what you are charged with, the seriousness of the crime and your involvement.

The Judge will consider various factors when sentencing such as:

Involvement in the crime - premeditated crimes will result in a higher sentence Type of weapon - imitation or actual firearm? Has the weapon been modified? Modified weapons typically have a higher sentence. Was the firearm loaded at the time of the offence? If the weapon was not loaded this could be a mitigating factor. Level of remorse Previous convictions - if an individual has a criminal record for violent crimes, they will typically receive a higher sentence. Cooperation with the police and their investigations Any learning disabilities or disorders. If you are convicted of a firearms offence, this will be noted on your CRB and a police record will be kept. Dependent on the sentence, this could remain on your record.

If you're under investigation for a firearms offence, complete our online enquiry form here and our expert firearms offence solicitors will be in touch.

Is it possible to reduce the sentence for a firearms offence?

If you enter a guilty plea early in the investigation, up to and including the first hearing, you could have your sentence reduced by one third. The later you enter a guilty plea, the smaller the reduction in sentence will be.

If the offence was a one-off isolated incident, you could have your sentence reduced. Our firearms offence solicitors will work closely with you to build a strong defence and reduce the sentence you may be facing.

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