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When running a business, sometimes you may find yourself in a dispute with another company or an individual which cannot be resolved through normal means or alternative dispute resolution.

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Commercial disputes can be very costly and stressful to be involved in, as well as damaging for a business by getting in the way of both the day-to-day operations as well as long-term strategy. It's important to try and resolve issues like this as quickly as possible, for the good of the company and all those involved.When all other avenues have been explored, sometimes the only way to settle the issue can be to issue court proceedings.Get in touch with us today to find out how our commercial litigation solicitors can help with resolving your business dispute.

Commercial litigation for business disputes

Commercial litigation for business disputes

Taking another company or an individual to court to resolve a dispute is always a last resort for a business, but sometimes it is the only remaining route left open, after other methods to solve the problem have been tried.Before taking this step with your commercial litigation solicitors, you will usually need to have explored alternative dispute resolution processes, such as mediation and negotiation, to try and find a settlement prior to starting court proceedings.

While these methods have a good success rate for many business disputes, they unfortunately don't always find a solution to the problem that both parties are satisfied with, or the other party may refuse to engage with those processes, so commencing commercial litigation might be the only option available to find a way forward.

Whether you are bringing a claim or defending a commercial dispute, our experienced commercial litigation lawyers can help provide you with all the legal support and specialist knowledge you need at every stage of the litigation process.

What kind of disputes might require commercial litigation lawyers?

What kind of disputes might require commercial litigation lawyers?

There are many different kinds of business dispute that could potentially end in commercial litigation if the problem cannot be settled before things reach this point. This can include, but is not limited to:

  • Contractual dispute litigation

  • Financial services litigation

  • Shareholder, director or partnership dispute litigation

  • Professional negligence litigation

  • Defamation litigation

  • Procurement dispute litigation

  • Intellectual property dispute litigation

  • Insolvency litigation

Vast amount of knowledge in their specialist area. Very supportive, approachable and always available for advice. Dedicated staff. Billing is very clear and accurate.

Legal 500

Stephen is an exceptional solicitor. He didn't leave any stone unturned, kept me informed all the way through the process and we achieved and excellent outcome. Highly recommend.


The manner in which the issue we faced was resolved was very efficient, expedient and professional. Legal terms was explained, together with options for resolution. Excellent communication was maintained through the process.

MRMS Solutions Ltd

I worked with Sheroze on a case that had a large claim associated, this was a complex case and required subject matter expert evidence. Sheroze provided guidance on what the case needed and together we worked to secure the expertise and to produce the expert witness reporting required.I found that we worked really well together, Sheroze listened to the challenges put forward and provided sound advice and guidance.


I didn't have a strong case and Stephen explained this from the outset. He came up with options and we progressed the best of those. We communicated regularly throughout and I felt he dealt with the "other side" with professionalism, controlled aggression, and maintained control of the situation.


How our commercial litigation solicitors help with business disputes

When your business is involved in a dispute, taking specialist legal advice can be invaluable to help make sure that you get the best possible outcome from the situation. Ensuring that you understand your rights and where you stand in the eyes of the law is essential. This will enable you to make informed decisions about what to do next.

Our specialist team of commercial litigation lawyers will help ensure that you are aware of all the options available to you, with the most accurate and up-to-date advice possible, so that you can proceed with confidence, having all the expert support you need.

Exploring your options with commercial litigation solicitors

Our commercial litigation solicitors will help you to look at all of the options available to you in your specific circumstances, with the aim of resolving the dispute as quickly as possible and avoiding court proceedings unless it's absolutely necessary.

The ultimate goal is to help find a settlement so that your business can move forward and put the dispute firmly in the past, so it's important to look at every appropriate avenue that could potentially make this happen.

Our team will talk to you about alternative dispute resolution and even if you have tried one process and it wasn't successful in finding a solution to the problem, there could be another route that enables you to avoid court. In the event that alternative dispute resolution is not a viable option for your circumstances, we can help you prepare for court proceedings.

Support throughout the commercial litigation process

Once it has been determined that court proceedings are the next action to take, our commercial litigation lawyers will ensure that they fully explain all of the steps to the process, so that you understand the stage things are at and what to expect next.If you are bringing a claim against another party, the first step is to issue a claim. This will outline the details and facts of the claim.If you are defending a claim made by another party, the first action will be to respond to the claim made against you.

Our specialist commercial litigation solicitors can help ensure that the claim or response is written and managed appropriately, filed correctly and to the timeline required.There will usually be more attempts to settle matters between the two parties at this stage, so that court can potentially still be avoided.

If things proceed to the next stage, the case will need to be prepared so that everything is ready for the court hearing. This will include collating statements, including witness statements if relevant, and any expert evidence that is necessary to support the claim or defend the claim. Our commercial litigation lawyers are there to manage this with you, every step of the way.

For the court hearing itself, our team assist with all of the required stages, such as a pre-trial review, all requirements during the hearing itself, right through to the judgement and any post-trial advice you might need. You're always kept in the loop and can ask questions if you have any concerns at any stage.

Why choose our commercial litigation lawyers?

Why choose our commercial litigation lawyers?

At Forbes, our commercial litigation lawyers are dedicated to helping you achieve the best possible outcome from your business dispute. We provide whatever support is needed so that you are always sure of your legal position and understand the decisions that need to be made, and when.

Our advice stems from our many years of experience in this area of law, working on similar cases or in similar situations and is tailored to your specific circumstances to ensure that you have all the information you need. This helps ensure you can focus on the things that are most important to you while we handle the legal requirements and provide the level of support that you need.

Business disputes can be complex, but our team has the specialist approach to help your company to find a way forward in the best possible way, even on the rare occasions when court proceedings are needed.Get in touch with our commercial litigation team to find out more about how we can assist with your dispute.

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