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Our divorce and children law solicitors offer both a fixed fee service for more simple matters and a tailored service that takes your unique situation into account.

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Forbes Solicitors, the specialists in family and divorce law, understand how emotionally challenging a breakdown in a relationship can be; that's why our family solicitors offer the best in sympathetic and compassionate family law advice at what can be a very tough time for all involved. Whether you're going through a divorce, separation or civil partnership dissolution, it's important you get an accurate level of guidance in terms of your legal rights during this time. Our teams of family law solicitors are committed to helping you through the legal process with sensitivity and care, whilst providing expert legal guidance and representation.

What is Family law?

What is Family law?

Family law is an area of law that deals with family-related issues and domestic relations. It encompasses a wide range of legal issues, including divorce, seperation, child arrangements, adoption, and financial settlements. A family law solicitor can provide specialist legal advice and representation to help individuals navigate these complex and often emotionally charged legal issues.

Family law solicitors

Family law solicitors

We present all clients with the support and knowledge they need when it comes to the different aspects of family law, helping you find the best course of action for yourself and your family, all the while tailoring our services to your individual requirements. It can be a difficult time, which requires the right levels of counsel, especially if there are children involved.

Our family solicitors offer many services in the family law sector. Our private paying clients can enjoy bespoke tailored options, or for more straightforward cases, we can offer competitive fixed fees that will help to keep the cost of divorce down. At Forbes Solicitors, we are pleased to be able to offer family law advice to those who may qualify for Legal Aid.

Our compassionate and knowledgeable family law lawyers are skilled in providing the best advice and guidance in a wide range of family law areas. We work with you to get the best outcome for you and your family in all matters of divorce and family law, so you can start to move on with your life.

We have offices located across the north of England, to speak to a divorce solicitor in your local area, contact us on 0800 689 1058.

Tailored legal services: family law advice

Tailored legal services: family law advice

Our intention is to provide the best possible service to meet your individual needs. Our family law and divorce solicitors can meet you for an initial face-to-face appointment, if you wish, and discuss your concerns and individual needs. We can then agree on a clear course of action with a cost structure, so that you are always in control.

We will be acting on your behalf throughout the entirety of the matter, whether by correspondence with a third party, or Court Proceedings. You will be able to contact your divorce solicitor directly by email and telephone if a face to face appointment is not convenient for you.

At Forbes Solicitors, our experienced team Recommended in the Legal 500, some members of our team are members of the Children Panel, Family Panel and the Advanced Family Panel and have represented clients at all levels of the Family Courts. Contact our divorce lawyers today for more information about our tailored legal services.

How much does a divorce cost

How much does a divorce cost

Not all cases are as straightforward as some would like, but the expert solicitors at Forbes understand the need to keep costs to a minimum and reduce the strain on families and children.

We offer our private paying clients the option of our tailored service or, for more straightforward cases, a fixed fee service.

Our fixed fee divorce lawyers have several fixed-fee packages that include financial matters. We also offer advice on all areas for those who qualify for Legal Aid.

If you cannot reach an agreement about money, the children and so on, the cost will be greater. Our Divorce Solicitors will encourage you to try and reach agreement wherever possible. Family Law Solicitors are obliged to give you information at regular intervals about how much the costs are. Legal Aid may be available, but usually, you have to pay back your costs to the Legal Services Commission.

For more information please visit our divorce solicitors or call us for a consultation on freephone 0800 689 1058 or contact us by email.

Family and Divorce Law FAQs

How to get a divorce?

To get a divorce you need to have been married for at least one year, confirm the marriage has irretrievably broken down and have a legally recognised marriage. You will need to complete a divorce application on the online portal and pay the court fee currently at £593. You will then need to apply for a conditional order and final order at appropriate stages in the court process.

Call our divorce solicitors on freephone 0800 689 1058 or contact us by email.

Who gets custody of a child in a divorce in the UK?

The term custody is no longer used as a legal term and has been replaced by the term child arrangements. The welfare of the child is the most important consideration when making a decision on child arrangements. Both parents have equal rights to apply for a child arrangement order, and the court will consider factors such as the child's wishes, their relationship with each parent, and their overall wellbeing. In some cases, a joint arrangement may be awarded, while in others, one parent may be granted sole parental responsibility.

For more information see Children's Law or call our Family Solicitors on freephone 0800 689 1058 or contact us by email.

Who gets the house in a divorce?

The division of assets in a divorce is based on the principle of fairness. This means that the house may be awarded to one spouse or sold and the proceeds divided between them, depending on factors such as the length of the marriage, the financial needs of each spouse, and the contributions made by each spouse to the marriage. There is no automatic entitlement to the house for either spouse.

What happens to a pension in divorce?

A pension can be considered a marital asset and may be subject to division in a divorce settlement. The court may order a pension sharing order, where a portion of the pension is transferred to the other spouse's pension scheme, or a pension attachment order, where the other spouse receives a portion of the pension payments when the pension holder starts receiving them. The exact division will depend on the individual circumstances of the case.

Please contact our family law or divorce solicitors for more information. Call freephone 0800 689 1058 or contact us by email.

Do I have to have a solicitor during a divorce?

No, you are not obliged to have a solicitor during a divorce; but it can help and ensure that your interests are protected and represented. You might think that you should receive a vast proportion of the assets, for example, when in reality you are going to be entitled to much less. A solicitor will give you realistic expectations and will encourage you to try and reach an agreement. This could prevent you from having to pay your opponent's costs.

For more information, please call our divorce solicitors on 0800 689 1058 or contact us by email

How do I go about changing my name after divorce?

To change your name after divorce you need to obtain a deed poll/change of name document. This legal document allows you to change your name and must be signed and witnessed. You can then use this document to update your name on official documents such as your passport, driving licence, and bank accounts.

How long does a divorce take in the UK?

The length of time it takes to get a divorce varies depending on the complexity of the case and whether both parties agree on the terms. On average, it takes around 6-9 months to obtain a divorce. However, it can take longer if there are disputes over finances, property, or child arrangements.

What is the process for getting a divorce?

You can get a divorce if you have been married for over a year, your relationship has permanently broken down and your marriage is legally recognised in the UK (including same sex marriage). You will need to make an application for divorce with a certified copy of your marriage certificate. The application is made on the court portal and the application can be made jointly with your spouse.

What are the grounds for divorce?

Your marriage needs to have irretrievably broken down.

What is the process for dividing assets in a divorce?

The process for dividing assets in a divorce involves identifying all assets and liabilities, including property, savings, pensions, and debts. The court will consider various factors, such as the length of the marriage, the financial needs of each party, and the contributions made by each party. The court will then make a decision on how to divide the assets fairly between the parties. This may involve selling assets, transferring ownership, or awarding a lump sum payment.

Can I get a divorce if my spouse doesn’t want one?

Yes, you can still get a divorce even if your spouse doesn't want one. You would need to ensure the papers are served on your spouse or, in certain circumstances, an application can be made to dispense with the need for service of papers at the Court's discretion.

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I was going through a divorce and required help with a financial agreement with my ex partner. Forbes solicitors were fantastic with how quick they arranged everything, reminded me when documents had to be returned. Assisted me with the form filling when I was unsure. Easy to contact and responded very quickly. I was really pleased with the overall service.

Paula Todd

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