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Our expert clinical negligence solicitors can help you get the compensation you need to help re-build your life after such a trauma.

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Forbes Solicitors' amputation compensation claims solicitors provide expert legal advice to individuals who have suffered amputation as a result of injury. Our experienced amputation claims lawyers can assist with a range of issues, including claims for compensation, rehabilitation, and prosthetic care. We understand the impact that amputation negligence can have on individuals and work to achieve the best possible outcome.

What is Amputation?

What is Amputation?

Amputation is the surgical removal of a body part, usually a limb or appendage. It is performed for a variety of reasons, including trauma, infection, and cancer. Amputation can also be performed to prevent further medical complications, such as gangrene or sepsis. The procedure is performed under general anaesthesia and can be done using surgical instruments. After the amputation, the patient will require physical therapy and rehabilitation to adjust to life without the limb.

What is Amputation Negligence?

What is Amputation Negligence?

Amputation negligence refers to a situation where a medical professional fails to provide appropriate care during an amputation procedure, resulting in harm or injury to the patient. This can include errors in surgical technique, failure to properly monitor the patient during the procedure, or failure to provide adequate post-operative care. Amputation negligence can result in serious complications, including infections, bleeding, and nerve damage, and can even lead to the need for additional amputations or limb loss. Patients who have experienced amputation negligence may be able to pursue legal action against the medical professional or facility responsible for their care.

If you have had an amputation and you feel medical or clinical negligence was to blame, you have a right to claim compensation.

An amputation or loss of a limb through trauma or medical necessity can be a difficult thing to come to terms with and have drastic effects on the victim's life, ranging from the challenging to the life changing. However, the loss of a limb through medical negligence or due to circumstances that could have been avoided i.e. misdiagnosis or lack of safety precautions, can leave sufferers feeling extremely angry and distressed.

How Can We Help with your Amputation Claim

How Can We Help with your Amputation Claim

In either case, Forbes solicitors can help you or your loved ones claim compensation to help you get your life back on track.

Whether you have lost a limb through an accident or through medical negligence, Forbes Solicitors can help you claim compensation for your injuries and fight to make sure your best interests are looked after.

There are many reasons that would require someone to have an amputation, but the main categories involve traumatic amputations and surgical amputations.

Traumatic amputations can occur during serious accidents, where a person's limbs or digits are literally torn from their body. These types of accidents are usually associated with road accidents and accidents at work especially where there is heavy machinery involved.

Surgical amputations are sometimes necessary if someone is a victim of clinical negligence. If there is a delay in diagnosis of cancer or meningitis and an infected limb needs to be removed this can be classed as clinical negligence. In addition, failure to diagnose or treat a disease, infection or condition such as DVT (Deep Vein Thrombosis) or a circulation problem can lead to a victim needing a limb amputated.

Types of Amputation Compensation Claims

Types of Amputation Compensation Claims

Some of the most common types of amputation compensation claims our expert team deal with involve the following:

If you have suffered a personal injury resulting in the loss of a limb, including, fingers, toes or even an eye, contact the expert amputation claims solicitors at Forbes today and make sure you get the compensation you deserve.

Our commitment to client care and focus on quality of service has led Forbes to become an industry leader in the personal injury and medical negligence sector.

Contact our team now to speak with experienced professionals who offer expert legal services in Amputation Compensation Claims cases to clients throughout the UK.

Amputation Claims FAQs

When it comes to amputation claims, what is the process involved?

At Forbes, we understand the devasting impact that a personal injury that results in a loss of a limb can have on a person's life, which is why our personal injury team will do everything in their power to ensure that you receive the compensation that you are entitled to. Suffering the loss of limb can not only be extremely traumatic but can also have an impact on the rest of your day to day life, which claiming for compensation can help with. From medical bills to travel expenses, a personal injury as serious as this isn't without its financial expenses too, so do not hesitate to claim for what you're entitled to, by getting in touch with Forbes Solicitors today.

Our expert personal injury team have years of experience when it comes to compensation claims and a member of the team will walk you through every step of the way, answering any questions that you may have. The process begins by getting in touch with an amputation solicitor at Forbes who can discuss your own personal situation and give you advice as to whether or not you are eligible to make a claim. If we think that you have suitable grounds on which to make a claim, then we will begin the amputation claims process and work non-stop for the best possible outcome.

What are the different types of amputation claims?

Whether it's a leg amputation claim or you're looking to seek partial finger amputation compensation, speaking to experienced amputation claim solicitors means that you are beginning your journey to the compensation that you deserve. If you have been injured and had a limb removed as a result of an accident that wasn't your fault or could have been avoided, then please don't suffer in silence. Amputation claims can take many forms, but the types of amputations that are most common include, although are not limited to:

Amputation of the lower limbs:

  • Through the knee (knee disarticulation)

  • Under the knee (transtibial)

  • Over the knee (transfemoral)

  • Hip joint capsule (Hip disarticulation)

  • Foot or toe

Amputation of the arms:

  • Finger or thumb

  • Disarticulation of the wrist

  • Below the elbow

  • Wrist disarticulation

  • Disarticulation of the shoulder

  • Partial or full hand amputation

It's usually the case after a serious injury that saving the limb is the preferred choice. However, sometimes it's the case that a patient's quality of life is improved by removing a limb that was causing them pain or couldn't be managed effectively. If the accident that resulted in the removal of your limb was not your fault, then our personal injury team would like to hear from you. In the period after amputation, it can be extremely difficult to come to terms with the huge changes that you're now facing to your life. Although amputation compensation is not going to resolve your situation completely, it can certainly help in adjusting to your new way of life.

At Forbes Solicitors, we have years of experience when it comes amputation claims and would like you to know that we'll do everything we can to ensure you're awarded the compensation you deserve, during what is understandably a devastating time.

How much can I expect to receive for my medical negligence amputation claim?

If you have suffered an injury that has resulted in amputation due to medical negligence, then you may be entitled to submit an amputation compensation claim. It's extremely difficult to say exactly how much you can expect to receive as every individual case is different. By talking with a member of the Forbes team and giving the details of your specific case, we are usually able to estimate how much compensation you can expect to receive for your individual claim, if successful.

The amount awarded for amputation compensation claims depends largely on the severity of your situation and how your day to day life has been affected by your injury.

If you have suffered a loss of limb as a result of an accident that wasn't your fault, please get in touch with Forbes today, where a professional member of our team will help you in getting the compensation that you deserve.

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