Cybersecurity in the Manufacturing Sector

John Pickervance
John Pickervance

Published: February 29th, 2024

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In an ever-growing technological world, which brings with it more ease in the ways we communicate, more ways to be efficient in our work, and the ability to store and process data effectively, there is also increased exposure and vulnerability to cyber-attacks. These attacks can comprise targeting computer information systems and networks, the hacking of systems, and also the threat of information either being stolen, exposed, disabled, or even destroyed.

This means that cyber security is an increasingly common concept. Cyber security is comprised of the collective methods, technologies, and processes to help protect the confidentiality and integrity of computer systems, networks and data processes from cyber-attacks as and when they may arise.

Cyber Security and the Manufacturing sector

It cannot be stressed enough the measures businesses need to take (especially in the manufacturing industry) to adopt a strict and clear risk-based approach to cyber security. This approach will enable manufacturers to identify the current and potential threats posed by cyber-attacks, create threat profiles, and also risk mapping. It will be of no surprise, however, that the associated costs in implementing the appropriate infrastructure to tackle cyber-attacks remains a key issue for businesses and acts as a barrier for investing in cyber security measures.

UK manufacturing is an advanced industry and coupled with the speed at which the rate of businesses are turning to technology to gain an advantage over their competitors, everything is becoming ever more interconnected. This brings with it increased risks of cyber-attacks. Common risks that arise with manufacturing businesses revolve around insecure passwords, limited cybersecurity skills, and also providing access to third parties for monitoring and maintenance.

Not taking action can cause serious consequences. Within the manufacturing sector, this can mean disruption to operations, impact on product quality, safety, and also reputational damage to your customers and/or suppliers.

How can we assist?

Our commercial team here at Forbes understand the concerns businesses face with cyber attacks and the consequences that arise from this. We can assist with the implementation of cyber security policies and procedures and the key protocols to be aware of, as well as implementing suitable agreements with hardware and software suppliers. We provide practical and commercially tailored guidance to ensure you are best placed to be able to navigate the complex world in the technology industry.

Common forms of cyber threats are widely regarded as relatively simple; therefore, it would be prudent to ensure your business has good levels of cyber hygiene measures in place. This can include:

  • Malware protection - a robust cyber security solution which adds extra layers of security, identifying and eliminating any cyber-attacks.
  • Network firewalls - used to stop and mitigate unauthorised access to private networks.
  • Strong passwords - preventing access to software and computer systems.
  • Restricted admin rights - preventing cyber attackers from acting on behalf of the domain user.

If your business has concerns about the risks of cyber-attacks or wish to enquire further about the cyber security measures that you can put in place, please get in touch today.

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