Placing sustainability at the heart of manufacturing

Ayesha Daya
Ayesha Daya

Published: July 25th, 2023

7 min read

The manufacturing sector is no stranger to dealing with challenges. Over the past few years the industry has dealt with challenges surrounding increasing costs, issues with supply chains and now sustainability. There has been a monumental shift in attitudes around sustainability over the past few years and corporate sustainability has moved from being an afterthought, to becoming a part of everyday corporate conversation. Businesses will now be looking to take significant new steps to take responsibility for the social and environmental impacts of their operations.

With some industries returning to pre-pandemic production levels, organisations now have a tremendous responsibility and opportunity to pivot towards a more sustainable business model. Environmental, social and governance ambitions are rising to the forefront of the decision-making criteria for both investors and buyers. Manufacturing companies who place sustainability at the centre of their business practices, from sourcing and engineering to production and transportation, these businesses will be the ones who succeed in the future.

Not only do manufacturers have a role to play in reducing their own emission but they are also key enablers in helping other businesses and industries work towards net zero. Manufacturers are right at the heart of sustainable innovations, whether it be product improvements to make them more energy efficient for the end user, or creating entirely new carbon neutral technologies. They are also at the heart of supply chains, with manufacturers emissions having a direct impact on the emissions of the businesses they work with. This therefore makes it a corporate and key responsibility for manufacturers to keep sustainable methods at the forefront of their business.

In order to ensure sustainability is at the heart of manufacturing companies, corporate social responsibility (CSR) can be incorporated into wider business strategies in order to ensure its operations make a positive social impact. By incorporating CSR, customers and suppliers will have a better perception of the brand itself and having a socially conscious image is becoming increasingly relevant as sustainability issues becomes more prominent. Adopting CSR can give a manufacturing company a competitive edge and shows not only to employees but to customers and suppliers that sustainability practices are not only being implemented now but that it is a key part of the business itself.

There is a clear understanding that sustainability isn't just a tick box exercise anymore, but a fundamental business advantage that can open up new opportunities for manufacturers, not only to reduce their operational expenses and cut waste, but to develop sustainable products that support customers to do the same.

It is important to consider sustainability methods from the get-go and that a more robust framework supported by technology are implemented to achieve long term results. Manufacturing companies are at the forefront of sustainable innovations and with the increase in demand for sustainable products it is important that these requirements are included at the forefront of any negotiation process or the drafting of any contract. Our commercial team here at Forbes Solicitors can support you through this.

Our commercial solicitors are experts at providing specialist advice to manufacturing companies on both existing contracts and new ones and can assist with the drafting, negotiation and implementation of suitable contracts to incorporate or review provisions surrounding sustainability. For more information contact John Pickervance in our Commercial department via email or phone on 0333 207 1134. Alternatively send any question through to Forbes Solicitors via our online contact form.

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