Forfeiture of Lease

As a landlord, you may find yourself in a situation where your tenant has breached the terms of their lease agreement. In such cases, you have the right to terminate the lease and take back possession of your property.

More about Forfeiture of Lease

This process is known as forfeiture of lease. However, it is important to understand the legal requirements and procedures involved in order to avoid any potential legal disputes. Our forfeiture of lease solicitors have extensive experience in advising landlords on lease termination and forfeiture matters.

What is a Forfeiture of Lease?

What is a Forfeiture of Lease?

Forfeiture of lease is the termination of a lease agreement by the landlord due to the tenant's breach of the terms and conditions of the lease. This can result in the tenant losing their right to occupy the property and the landlord taking back possession.

Why choose our Solicitors to help with Forfeiture of Lease?

Why choose our Solicitors to help with Forfeiture of Lease?

Our experienced solicitors have a proven track record of successfully handling forfeiture of lease cases. We provide tailored advice and guidance to ensure the best possible outcome for our clients. We are committed to providing a high level of service and communication throughout the process, and we work efficiently to minimise costs and timeframes. Trust us to handle your forfeiture of lease case with professionalism and expertise.

How can we help with Forfeiture of Lease?

How can we help with Forfeiture of Lease?

We can guide you through the process of forfeiture of lease and help you understand your rights and obligations. It is important to act quickly and communicate with your landlord to try and resolve any issues before they escalate. Additionally, you may want to review your lease agreement and ensure that you are complying with all of its terms and conditions.

Additional Information

What happens if lease is forfeited?

If a lease is forfeited, the landlord can terminate the lease and regain possession of the property. The tenant loses their rights to the property and may be required to vacate, while the landlord can re-let or sell the premises

Can the freeholder forfeit the lease?

Yes, the freeholder (landlord) has the power to forfeit the lease if the leaseholder (tenant) breaches certain terms or fails to fulfil their obligations. Forfeiture can lead to the termination of the lease and the landlord regaining possession of the property.

What is a forfeiture of tenancy agreement?

Forfeiture of a tenancy agreement refers to the termination of the agreement by the landlord due to the tenant's breach of the lease terms. It allows the landlord to regain possession of the property and potentially re-let or sell it.

What is the procedure to forfeit a lease?

To forfeit a lease, the landlord typically needs to serve a Section 146 notice for breach of lease, follow any notice requirements, apply for possession through court proceedings, and obtain a possession order to regain control of the property. Legal advice is crucial.

Can a tenant apply for relief from forfeiture?

Yes, a tenant can apply for relief from forfeiture. They can make an application to the court seeking to have the forfeiture set aside and regain possession of the property by rectifying the breach and paying any outstanding amounts. Legal advice is recommended.

Can a landlord forfeit a lease with no forfeiture clause?

Yes, a landlord can forfeit a lease even without a specific forfeiture clause. However, the process may be more complex and require the landlord to rely on common law principles and obtain a court order to regain possession of the property. Legal advice is recommended.

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