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If you have undergone medical treatment on your eyes that has gone wrong as a result of clinical negligence, you may be able to claim compensation.

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If you have suffered harm as a result of ophthalmic negligence, our medical negligence eye claims solicitors can help you to pursue a claim for compensation. At Forbes Solicitors, we have a team of specialist ophthalmic claims solicitors who have extensive experience in handling cases involving negligent eye treatment. Our eye surgery claims lawyers can provide expert advice and representation to help you to recover the compensation you deserve.

What is Ophthalmology (Eye) Negligence?

What is Ophthalmology (Eye) Negligence?

Ophthalmology (eye) negligence refers to the failure of an ophthalmologist or other eye care professional to provide appropriate care, which results in harm to the patient. This can include misdiagnosis, failure to properly treat eye conditions.

If you have trusted a surgeon or medical professional, in the ophthalmology field, to carry out a medical procedure on your eyes and have been injured as a result of clinical negligence you may be able to claim compensation for your injuries.

Our expert solicitors here at Forbes specialise in clinical negligence claims as well as Ophthalmology compensation claims and can help you get the compensation you deserve.

If you suffer an infection in the eye or lose sight as a result of an ophthalmologists negligence, mistake or error it can be extremely distressing and as such you should be compensated accordingly.

With this in mind, we will fight for the maximum amount of compensation available at all times.

What is ophthalmology?

What is ophthalmology?

This is the study and diagnosis of diseases and disorders of the eye, with the aim to learn more about it and find treatments that work effectively to correct these problems. Common medical conditions studied by those who work in the field include cataracts, refractive errors, age-related degenerative sight, and glaucoma.

Those involved in the research and treatment of illnesses associated with the eye are called ophthalmologists and have to study extensively to earn this title. They conduct regular check ups and appointments to monitor changes in patient's sight, as well as helping to perform more advanced surgical procedures to help fix conditions. Somebody in this profession is likely to treat patients of all ages, from babies that are born prematurely to pensioners whose sight is slowly getting worse due to age-related problems.

Given that sight is incredibly important when functioning day-to-day, ophthalmologists have a lot of responsibility to spot possible eye conditions early on, so that patients can seek treatment and prevent any problems from becoming too advanced. This means that when an ophthalmologist misses something or misdiagnoses a condition of the eye, it can cause a number of issues for the patient in question, both short and long term.

Leonie was very thorough and guided me through all the process from start to finish. Nothing was too much trouble. We won the case and hopefully because of her hard work and dedication we will see some improvements within the NHS.

Michelle Moss
Eye-related Medical Negligence

Eye-related Medical Negligence

Whilst medical professionals, like doctors and ophthalmologists, can help diagnose and treat many conditions, they can sometimes make mistakes or commit malpractice with intent. This can then cause a myriad of problems for the patient, as their condition could worsen or the negligence on the part of the medical professional could lead to further diagnosis of other illnesses.

This can happen in the field of ophthalmology, as those working in this area can miss early signs of conditions during regular check-ups, misdiagnose diseases and disorders, or even botch surgeries so that patients have to have the mistakes corrected.

Ophthalmology Compensation Claims - Key Issues

Ophthalmology Compensation Claims - Key Issues

As a firm, we come into contact with many clients who have been a victim of medical malpractice and/or negligence by their ophthalmologist, which has then led to further stress and procedures that have deeply affected them. Some of the key issues we deal with regarding ophthalmology compensation claims involving the following:

Eye Surgery Claims

One of the most common examples we encounter as a law firm are patients who have experienced mistakes and/or negligent behaviour on the part of their ophthalmologist when having surgery on their eye. These procedures can be extremely complicated and require a high level of skill and experience, with a lot of room for them to go wrong and worsen the patient's condition.

Many of the clients we deal with have had eye surgeries go wrong or be performed incorrectly, leaving them with existing or exacerbated conditions and immense amounts of stress over how they will have these issues fixed. That's where we can help, offering legal services for those who believe they are a victim of medical malpractice or negligence from their ophthalmologist.

If you feel that you have fallen victim to a problem with eye surgery or have suffered an injury due to negligence on the part of your ophthalmologist, contact our expert team of clinical negligence solicitors for free initial advice and get your ophthalmology compensation claim started today.

We understand how devastating an injury to the eye can be, and how clinical negligence can have a severe impact on a person's life.

If you have suffered an injury, blindness or an infection and you believe your ophthalmologist is to blame contact our expert clinical negligence solicitors today to get your compensation claim underway. We operate on a no win, no fee basis which ensures there is no financial risk to you in the unlikely event that your compensation claim is unsuccessful.

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Medical Negligence Eye Claims FAQs

Ophthalmology (Eye) Claims

At Forbes Solicitors, we take ophthalmology negligence claims extremely seriously and with years of experience in eye claims, we're exactly who you need when it comes to getting the compensation that you deserve. Being a victim of medical negligence in any circumstance can be distressing, but when it involves your eyes, it can really be quite scary. As a patient who is undergoing surgery, you have the right to be under the care of a responsible, qualified medical professional who ensures that every single measure is in place to avoid mistakes.

How do I know if I am entitled to eye surgery compensation?

Forbes Solicitors have plenty of experience when it comes to ophthalmology negligence claims and will be happy to assess your individual situation to see whether or not you are eligible to make a claim. Some of the incidents whereby a person is entitled to make a claim for eye surgery compensation include:

  • An eye infection as a result of negligent surgery

  • Permanent damages to the eye following laser eye surgery

  • Retinal detachment

  • A misdiagnosis of an eye condition and/or unnecessary surgery.

Ophthalmic negligence can have a significant impact on a person's life, both post-surgery and in the years that follow. On top of distress, pain and suffering after a traumatic experience, you may have had to deal with expensive medical bills and/or a loss of earnings due to being out of work as a result of negligent surgery. Contacting Forbes Solicitors and beginning your journey to eye surgery compensation can be the first step in changing your situation for the better. Our experience and expertise combined with a high level of professionalism will ensure that you get the compensation that you deserve, making the trauma of your ordeal that little bit easier to handle.

How much will I receive by making an eye surgery claim?

The amount of compensation that you can expect to be rewarded as a result of submitting a claim with Forbes Solicitors depends entirely on the nature of your case and how it has since affected your day to day life. With years of experience in dealing with medical negligence eye claims, Forbes Solicitors have the ability to fight for the compensation that you or your loved one is entitled to. As we fight your case, we will also keep you in the loop of the entire process and answer any questions that you might have regarding your case. Complications during eye surgery are not only traumatic, but can result in serious loss of vision - something that will have a devastating impact on the rest of a person's life.

How much do ophthalmology negligence claims cost?

At Forbes Solicitors, we treat every case as individual. Therefore, it really is difficult to say how much you can expect to pay for your claim. After a free consultation, during which we will look into your specific situation, we can discuss our fees with you and take it from there. We are proud to offer competitive pricing throughout all of our services and are happy to take the time to come up with a price that works for everyone involved. What matters most is you receiving what you're entitled to, and we're here to help you with that. Request a call back, today.

If you have been impacted as a result of ophthalmic negligence, then we want to hear from you. With a team of professional, reliable and experienced solicitors at hand, we're ready to help you with your claim.

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