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Whether you have been charged after an arrest or have received a court summons or postal requisition, our experienced Magistrates and Crown Court solicitors can provide you with specialist advice and legal representation.

More about Magistrate & Crown Court Solicitors

The prospect of attending court can be daunting, but our expert court representation solicitors can be on hand at every stage of the process to help seek the best possible outcome from the situation. Whether you need to attend the Magistrates Court or Crown Court, our dedicated criminal defence team can ensure you have the right support both in preparation of the case and presentation in court.

Magistrates Court representation

Magistrates Court representation

All cases start in the Magistrates Court and the vast majority of criminal cases are resolved in the Magistrates Court. Cases heard in the Magistrates Court are heard by two or three magistrates, or by a district judge. There is no jury in cases heard at the Magistrates Court. The type of cases that are fully resolved in this type of court are 'summary offences' or 'either way' offences, including charges such as:

  • Motoring offences

  • Common assault

  • Minor criminal damage

  • Drugs offences

  • Burglary

The Magistrates Court is limited in terms of the sentences they can pass, so cases for which a longer sentence is required are committed to the Crown Court for sentencing. Magistrates Court can give punishments including one or a combination of:

  • Up to 12 months in prison for certain single offences, or up to 12 months in total if sentencing for more than one offence

  • Fines

  • Community sentences, such as unpaid work (previously known as community service), curfews or rehabilitation work

  • Bans e.g. driving bans or from keeping animals

Having the best possible legal representation in Magistrates Court can make all the difference to the outcome of your case and the sentence passed. Our Magistrates Court cases solicitors have extensive experience in this type of court setting and can provide whatever legal support you need throughout the process.

Crown Court representation

Crown Court representation

Crown Courts deal with more serious criminal cases, such as murder, rape and robbery, as well as cases that are passed from the Magistrates Court for trial, sentencing or appeal.

Crown Courts generally have a jury who decide whether or not you are guilty and a judge, who decides on the sentence if you are found guilty.

Crown Courts can give prison terms of up to life sentences, along with community sentences.

Your Crown Court solicitors are there to prepare you for your trial and are part of the team that represent you in court. Along with a barrister, the role of a solicitor in Crown Court is to help prepare and present your defence while the case is being heard.

Why choose us as your criminal representation in court?

The criminal defence team at Forbes have a wide range of experience as both Magistrates Court lawyers and Crown Court Solicitors. We have achieved many successful outcomes for our clients, with our aim always to seek the most positive resolution possible in every case.

Offering specialist support in the lead up to and during court appearances, our solicitors in Magistrates Court and Crown Court are proud of our dedicated and sympathetic approach to criminal defence cases and the entire process from arrest to conclusion.

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