Slips, Trips and Falls at Work

Slips, trips, and falls at work are accidents that occur as a result of a slip, trip, or fall on a workplace surface.

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This can be due to a variety of factors such as defective surfaces, holes, wet floors, debris or cluttered walkways.

What is Slips Trips and Falls at Work Compensation Claim?

What is Slips Trips and Falls at Work Compensation Claim?

A slips, trips, and falls at work compensation claim is a legal process by which an individual seeks compensation for damages incurred due to a slip, trip, or fall in the workplace. This can include medical expenses, lost wages, rehabilitation costs, and other damages.

Slips, trips and falls at work can usually be avoided through common sense and effective safety management, but sometimes accidents will happen. It is your employers responsibility to carry out the appropriate risk assessments and safety checks to ensure their workplace is safe, but unfortunately not all employers are as thorough as they should be. If they fail to take the appropriate steps to ensure your safety and you are injured as a result, it's important to act now and get the compensation you deserve.

Serious Workplace Slips, Trips and Falls Injuries

Serious Workplace Slips, Trips and Falls Injuries

Accidents can strike at any time, and although a slip, trip or fall at work can usually be shrugged off, sometimes they can cause serious life-changing injuries. If this is the case, you may be eligible to make a claim for slip, trip or fall compensation.

You may have been working on a building site and tripped over a loose flag. You may have slipped on a wet floor or you may have fallen from height due to loose handrails or scaffolding at work. There are many types of slip, trip and fall compensation claims but the most common and recurring issues our expert solicitors have to deal with everyday usually involve:

  • Tripping over trailing wires or damaged carpets

  • Tripping over exposed oil pipes or tanks

  • Slips caused by leaking water, chemicals or oil Falls due to faulty handrails, unsafe scaffolding

These are just examples of some of the issues brought to us by clients, and highlight the dangers employees face every day.

If you have been injured at work through a slip, trip or fall - instruct the expert solicitors at Forbes to handle your compensation claim today.

Slips Trips and Falls at Work FAQs

Making a slip, trip or fall claim may feel like a daunting prospect if you've never had to deal with a situation like this before. Some people are unsure about making a claim against their employer or are worried that slip, trip and fall claims mean you'll need to go to court. Below, we answer some of the most common questions that we are asked about trip, fall and slip compensation claims. If you can't find an answer to your question(s) below, please get in touch with our expert team by calling 0800 689 0973 or request a call back at a time that is convenient to you.

What should I do if I am injured in a trip, slip and fall accident at work?

If you are injured in a slip, trip & fall at work, the first thing you should do is ensure that you seek medical treatment. Most workplaces have a member of staff that is trained in first aid, but you will also need to see either your GP or a local A&E department so that your injury can be treated by the experts and you have a record of the injuries you received and any treatment that you have been given by medical professionals.

You will need to make sure that the details of your accident at work are recorded. Most workplaces will have an accidents procedure in place, such as an accident book, but you must make sure that your employer has a written notification about what happened and how the accident came about. Make sure that you also keep a copy of this documentation for your own records. If possible, take photographs of where the accident happened and the hazard that caused your injury.

If your injury means that you can't return to work straight away and your employer does not offer full pay whilst you are recovering from the accident, you will qualify for Statutory Sick Pay.

If you can return to work but need to receive further or ongoing treatment for your injuries, such as physiotherapy, your employer must allow you to attend these appointments within work hours if needed, but they are not legally obliged to pay you for any working time missed for these.

You can make a trip, slip and fall compensation claim for the pain you have suffered and any losses you have incurred (such as lost pay if you were unable to work after the accident or needed to take unpaid time off for medical or therapy appointments). If you are awarded, slip, trip or fall at work compensation, the sum awarded can be spent on helping to aid your recovery.

Can I be sacked if I make a fall, trip or slip claim against my employer?

You can't be sacked or forced to leave your job if you bring a slip, trip or fall at work claim against your employer. You are entitled to seek compensation if you have been injured in your workplace due to the negligence of your employer and they legally cannot dismiss you or force you to leave in any other way because of your claim.

Who pays out for successful slip, trip and fall claims against workplaces?

If you make a successful claim then any trip, fall or slip at work compensation is paid by your employer's insurance policy. They are legally obliged to hold this type of insurance in case of claims like this, so you shouldn't have to worry that any compensation you receive comes out of company profits or from your employer personally.

Is there a time limit for making a fall, trip or slip at work claim?

There is usually a time limit of three years, from when the injury occurred, within which you have to make a claim for slips, trips and falls compensation, if the incident happened in the UK. As the evidence and paperwork for this type of claim can sometimes take some time to gather and file, we always recommend that you contact Forbes Solicitors as soon as possible after the accident occurred if you would like to make a compensation claim for your injury.

How much compensation will I get for a fall, trip or slip at work?

The amount of compensation that you will be awarded for a successful falls, slips and trips claim against your employer will very much depend on the severity of your injury and the circumstances of the accident. If the injury that you suffered will have a long-term impact on your physical or mental health or quality of life then you are likely to receive a higher sum of compensation than if you have an injury that you are expected to make a full recovery from.

The areas that we can look at incorporating in your claim, depending on the circumstances, can include:

  • The pain and suffering caused by the accident

  • Any paid medical treatments you need because of the incident, including your travel and accommodation costs

  • Lost earnings if you have been unable to work

  • Future loss of income if the injury means you can't return to work or your ability to do the job has changed as a result of the accident

  • Psychological trauma caused by the accident

  • Support or care needed as a result of the accident If you need adaptations to be made to your home or vehicle due to your injury

Get in touch with Forbes Solicitors today if you want to discuss making a claim for a slip, trip or fall accident at work.

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