MoJ launches inquiry into family courts - abusive partners could be banned from seeing their children

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05 June, 2019

Gill Carr

The media have recently reported that abusive partners could be banned from seeing their own children as the government is launching an enquiry in to family courts that are secretive. The ministry of justice have revealed that there will be a three month consultation when a panel of experts with involvement in relevant cases will be called to give evidence. The inquiry will be wide ranging to consider where there is room for improvement or strengthening regarding parental access rights. Children's charities and legal experts have welcomed the announcement, indicating that the family courts have been previously shrouded in secrecy and this was long overdue.

At this current time people with convictions of domestic abuse crimes are able to make applications to see their children. Child protection and safeguarding regarding this contact is to be scrutinised further with the result that abusive partners may be banned and be unsuccessful in their applications.

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