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12 December, 2022

Rubina Vohra

Perhaps considered to be one of the most famous couples on earth, Kim and Kanye (now known as Ye) have formally reached a settlement in their divorce, preventing a trial.

Their coupling, family life and break-up have been widely publicised. Initially, the world got to see a shiny, influential and billionaire couple in the press and also portrayed in The Kardashians TV programme, but equally the cracks of the breakdown were also starting to emerge very publicly too.

The two were very much in love and a huge brand and whilst their lifestyle may be untouchable, their problems are sadly very much what married couples quite often experience. From the highs to the lows, this led to arguments, bad behaviour, the children being caught up in the separation and significant heartache on both sides. Following their separation, Kim Kardashian filed for divorce in February 2021 and they have since been in a legal battle for custody of their children. Only Kim and Kayne will ever know what happened leading to the breakdown of the marriage, but we very publicly saw Kanye lashing out at Kim and her family on social media. He was complaining that he was not involved in the children's lives and was not being included in celebrations for the children. His behaviour and comments regarding Kim spiralled. Many of the comments were offensive, not only to Kim personally but also as this was done so publicly.

It has been reported that the divorce was finalised earlier this year and that the pair have come to an agreement regarding their finances. This is along the lines that neither will pay spousal maintenance to the other, but Kanye will pay child support to Kim for the children who remain, in the majority, in her care. They have decided upon an equal split of expenses for the children, that they will each pay their own debt and have largely agreed to keep their property matters separate.

It is understood that Kim and Kanye had a prenuptial agreement and perhaps this assisted the parties in finally resolving their financial matters by agreement.

This may be a billionaire divorce, but it still has all the issues that are widely dealt with in everyday divorce cases. Going through a divorce and co-parenting can be extremely challenging. If you are unable to reach an agreement on finances or child arrangements, seek help from a family lawyer. Often disputes can be settled through mediation avoiding costly and stressful court battles, get in touch with a member of our family team today if you need advice.

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