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26 September, 2023

Gabriela Hammond
Head of HR Consultancy

A lot of people under estimate the importance of having your own network.

Not just swapping business cards, but having a group of individuals that form a safe space that you can call upon.

HR can be a lonely place, certainly if you're a stand alone HR professional, but also from the perspective of a senior HR Manager/Director leading a team.

HR can often be misunderstood in organisations and that can be very isolating.The only people guaranteed to understand and be able to offer support can be other HR professionals. So, if you don't have a network where do you go for that sounding board or advice?

Those in HR concentrate their efforts on the people within their organisation, but who concentrates on them?

There are certainly a lot of online HR Networks that have popped up in recent times and these can certainly tick a box in some respects. But really connecting with others, can benefit from a more personable touch.

Life in HR is busy, really busy, and we can all be guilty of getting too caught up in the day to day, being too busy to go to that event that pops into your inbox, or put if off until the next one, or then the next one………

The danger can be that if you don't step out from time to time you can find yourself becoming vey inward focused within your organisation, not seeing the outside world or hearing about new approaches and/or views.

Attending that event, meeting new people even for just a few hours, can you give you head space and thinking time to reflect.

Whatever stage you're at on your HR journey career, building a network and sharing knowledge, can support your growth and development path, increasing your visibility and allowing you access to wider opportunities.

Forbes Employment and HR Consultancy teams, create and support events designed to do just this. Helping HR Professionals make those connections.

So the next time an invite drops into your inbox, go to the event, talk to someone new, prioritise yourself.

You never know where it might lead or what it might bring.

Forbes Solicitors' employment team offers a number of events that give HR professionals the chance to network with each other and learn from leading experts. You can book to attend our events here.

For more information contact Gabriela Hammond in our Employment & HR department via email or phone on 01772 220149. Alternatively send any question through to Forbes Solicitors via our online Contact Form.

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