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28 November, 2023

Richard Clithero

It is no small task for manufacturers to reshore all or part of their operations. The challenges that face a manufacturer in doing so are numerous. One of the main reshoring logistical challenges centres around the commercial property portfolio from which those operations are going to take place.

The real estate sector has been bracing itself on account of both legislative changes and wider external problems. Whilst now beginning to fall we still have high levels of inflation and interest rates. Fears of dropping valuations and a decrease in rents remain a significant concern for those investing in the real estate market. Add to that the changes that have come and continue to come in relation to energy efficiency amongst others and completely new challenges like biodiversity net gain.

It is therefore essential that a manufacture ensures that in reshoring their operations the property portfolio is stable and yet flexible enough to ride the waves that will continue to hit the real estate sector. Any purchase or the lease need to work for the manufacturer not only now but in the future. You should speak to a commercial property specialist about your existing leases and / or the work that you are planning to do.

If you are considering reshoring and you do need to make additions to your property portfolio then you should speak to a commercial property specialist about your plans as early in the process as you can.

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