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Carrie Gilgun

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About Carrie

Carrie is one of our experienced criminal practitioners with over 20 years' experience and is also a Partner within the firm. She frequently represents clients who are required to attend at the police station, the Magistrates' Court, and the Crown Court. Carrie is able to offer a continuous service of representation which is appreciated by our clients as she is familiar with cases right from the investigatory process.

Carrie has the benefit of having achieved a master's degree in Medical Law and Bioethics and therefore also has an in-depth knowledge of coronial law, mental health law, the laws and regulations surrounding medical research along with the legislation, rules and regulations concerning patient safety and professional regulation.

Carrie has represented members of the medical profession in large criminal inquiries concerning abuse, neglect and assault committed upon patients and is particularly aware of the sensitive-nature and media attention that such inquiries can attract. She is able to represent clients nationally.

Carrie is one of the lead solicitors with the Royal College of Nurses and is frequently asked to represent clients at the both the police station and at Court who are suspected of having committed criminal offences within a medical setting.

One of the main advantages of representation by Carrie is the dual knowledge of both criminal law and professional regulation which can ensure that her clients can remain within the medical profession even when suspected of criminal offences. She is able to represent clients facing regulatory sanctions as well as representing them when under police investigation ensuring continuity and reassurance.

Carrie specialises in some of our most serious and complex cases. She has represented clients who have been charged with murder, complex fraud, serious sexual allegations including trafficking, the supplying and importation of drugs, kidnapping and blackmail. Carrie provides sustained personal attention to her cases from start to finish with a robust approach and has a particular eye for omissions and gaps created by those prosecuting.

Carrie is a duty solicitor along with being a member of The Health and Safety Lawyers Association and Proceeds of Crime Lawyers Association.

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