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About Carrie

Carrie is one of our experienced criminal practitioners with over 20 years' experience in Criminal Law and procedure. Carrie is also a Partner within the firm and works in the departments Serious and Complex Case Division. Whilst Carrie represents clients who are detained at the police station and the Magistrates' Court, Carrie most frequently attends at the Crown Court.

Carrie has represented hundreds of clients charged with some of the most serious and complex offences within the Criminal Justice system. Carrie is regularly instructed by clients charged on large-scale drugs conspiracies and importations, firearms offences, murder and serious sexual offences.

Carrie's tactical awareness on managing and preparing cases sets her above those of other solicitors. She always considers attacking the Prosecution's case from alternative angles rather than the usual defences adopted by others. Carrie will consider whether evidence can be undermined or ruled inadmissible rather than it being accepted. If admissible, she will then consider obtaining evidence or data to undermine that evidence or develop and demonstrate alternative angles of interpretation.

Carrie played an instrumental part in securing the acquittal of a client charged with murder. The client was charged along with 10 other defendants. All of the other defendants were convicted of murder. Carrie's ability to perform and interpret data analytics is a skill which sets her above those of her peers and played a pivotal role in the presentation of the defence case and the subsequent acquittal. Carrie is able to re-formulate, interpret and present complex digital data expeditiously and is able to quickly assess what data would assist a client. As the Prosecution present ever-more complex Sequence of Events documents to prove their case, the ability to strip data out of the document or re-interpret the statistics, is an essential skill to winning a case.

Carrie has secured substantially lesser sentences for her clients charged on multi-handed drugs conspiracies and firearms offences through her in-depth knowledge of police covert investigations and specialist intelligence and is able to use such knowledge to seek the exclusion of otherwise damning evidence. Carrie is able to format and present complex digital data to juries. This has resulted in her being able to demonstrate to the Court that her clients have played a lesser role in conspiracies than that alleged by the Prosecution along with being able to show her client is part of a sub-conspiracy, thereby resulting in a lower sentencing category. Carrie has also been able to prevent her clients from being made subject to POCA orders by demonstrating financial data at an early stage in criminal proceedings or by securing the absence of such orders when cases are being resolved prior to trial.

Carrie has a master's degree (LLM) in Medical Law and was awarded a distinction. This additional training has provided her with enhanced medical knowledge, an exceptional ability to research clinical data and an ability to articulate medico-legal arguments. Carrie has represented many clients charged with causing serious injuries and death to young children. Her medical knowledge when combined with her application of data analytics has been able to assist in casting doubt on the causation of injuries.

Carrie also has a keen interest in inquest work and is able to prepare cases and represent clients at all stages in proceedings, most importantly at a pre-inquest hearing as well as the inquest itself. Carrie has represented many local authorities who have been Interested Parties at Inquest. As Carrie is also a practising criminal lawyer, she also has an in-depth knowledge of potential criminal liabilities that companies and organisations could face, in particular s under the Health and Safety Act and the Corporate Manslaughter and Corporate Homicide Act 2007.

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