Pricing for Motoring Offences

Our motoring offences solicitors can assist you with a number of issues to do with driving, transport and road law in an efficient and cost-effective way.

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Motoring Offences Pricing

We can provide support for you in respect of motoring offences in a cost effective way. We are able to offer various costs options to support your requirements including fixed fees and hourly rates.

Our costs will vary depending on the type of case that is being dealt with. We deal with a number of summary only motoring offences including speeding, failing to provide information, mobile phone offences, drink driving, drug driving, driving without insurance and a range of other offences.

Our pricing for dealing with motoring cases in respect of a single hearing in the Magistrates Court for a summary only road traffic offence are as follows:

Exceptional Hardship Argument

£750 - £2,000 plus VAT at 20%.

The fee will depend on location and degree of complexity.

Guilty Plea and Sentence

£500 - £1,250 plus VAT at 20%.

The fee will depend on location and degree of complexity.


Trials will normally be dealt with based on hourly rates as below.

No two trials are exactly the same so we cannot provide you with a reliable estimate of the cost. The typical costs, however, of a straight forward case proceeding to trial with no unexpected complications is in the region of £1,000 - £2,000 plus VAT at 20%.

However, on occasions, for a relatively straight forward matter, a fixed costs package may be agreed.

Key Stages

The fees set out above cover all of the work below:

  • Taking initial instructions.
  • Reviewing the papers advising you on merits.
  • Preparing correspondence to the prosecution.
  • Preparing for hearing.
  • Attending court and representing you there.

These apply in all of the three categories above.


Disbursements are the costs payable to the third parties such as experts. Occasionally we may seek to instruct an expert report and costs of any disbursements in respect of this will be in addition to the above.

Expert reports for motoring offences may typically costs in the region of £500 - £1,500 plus VAT at 20%.

Expenses may also be charged for photocopying/printing of documents, travel and hotel accommodation. All expenses subject to VAT at 20%.

Hourly Rates

Where a case is dealt with by reference to our hourly rates, the following are applied:

Senior Solicitor Solicitor/Senior Legal Executive
Preparation, attendance, advocacy, waiting, travel £198.00 £174.00
Letters out £19.80 £17.40
Telephone calls £19.80 £17.40

Plus VAT at 20% on each of the above.

Preparation, attendance, advocacy, travelling and waiting are all charged per hour or part thereof.

Letters out and telephone calls are all charged per item.

* Exceptionally the figures, preparation, attendance and advocacy above may be subject to an increase dependent on the seriousness, and/or complexity of your case. Such figure will be assessed at relevant stages in the proceedings and fully communicated with you. In the event that you are successful and awarded a Defendants Costs Order, you will only have to pay the difference between the costs submitted at the above hourly charging rates and the amount subsequently paid by central funds following consideration of any defendant's costs order.


Exceptional hardship cases will normally be dealt with in a single hearing set by the court.

Guilty pleas will usually be dealt with at a single hearing, although occasionally may be adjourned for a pre-sentence report or other reason.

Cases involving trials will typically involve a first hearing where a not guilty plea is entered and a second hearing where a contested hearing or trial takes place. The second hearing will be set subject to the courts listings, although any dates of unavailability or inconvenience on your part will be taken into consideration.

Listing arrangements for each court may differ.

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