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Forbes Collect provide a nationwide commercial debt recovery service for businesses across all sectors. We specialise in the recovery of undisputed, invoice-based debt, contracted in England or Wales and against debtors based in the UK.

Where applicable, we will add interest and late payment compensation to the debts claimed, which is lawfully recoverable from the debtor.

Whether you need our help with pre-litigation or with Court proceedings, our expert debt recovery solicitors offer reasonable debt recovery costs as well as an efficient service.

How much does debt collection cost?

How much debt collection costs will depend on what you need to recover the debt. We offer fixed fee debt collection that is reasonable and competitive. We have three main breakdowns for our debt collectors' fees:

  • Pre-action steps
  • Court Proceedings
  • Enforcement

Our debt collection costs can be covered by the compensation and interest we add to each late invoice. We find that the vast majority of debt is settled during the pre-action stage. If you need our help with collecting late payments contact our debt recovery solicitors on 0800 689 4176.

Debt collection legal fees

See below details of these debt collection legal fees, all of which are subject to VAT at 20%.

1. Pre-Action Steps

Debt Amount Fees Charged
Debts under £500.00 £50.00
£500.00 - £5,000 10% of any monies recovered on your behalf
£5,001 - £9,999.99 6% of any monies recovered on your behalf

2. Court Proceedings

This includes issuing County Court proceedings and defending debts.

Debt Amount Court Issue Fee Our Fee
Up to £300 £35.00 £50.00
£301 - £500 £50.00 £50.00
£501-£1,000 £70.00 £70.00
£1,001 - £1,500 £80.00 £80.00
£1,501 - £3,000 £115.00 £100.00
£3,001 - £5,000 £205.00 £200.00
£5,001 - £10,000 £455.00 £350.00

2.1 Securing Judgment

Debt Amount Our Fee
Up to £5,000 £50.00
Over £5,000 £100.00

2.2 Defended Debts

Work Required Our Fee
Defended Review £250.00
Filing the Directions Questionnaire at Court £75.00

3. Enforcement

These debt recovery costs will include any enforcements we may need to take to recover the money owed to you after Court proceedings have taken place.

Action Our Fee Court Fee Other Disbursements
Higher Court Enforcement Officer/County Court Bailiffs HCEO - £100.00 CCB - £50.00 £HCEO - £71.00 CCB - £83.00
Charging Order £300.00 £119.00 £23.00 Land Registry fees (VAT exempt)
Attachment of Earnings £200.00 £119.00
Third Party Debt Order £300.00 £119.00 Advocates fee (TBC)
Order to Obtain Information £300.00 £59.00

3.1 Insolvency/Bankruptcy of a Debtor

Action Our fee Court fee Other Costs
Statutory Demand £150.00 + VAT Process servers fee - £100.00

The fee schedule for debts over £10,000 can be found here

Click here to find definitions behind each stage of the debt recovery page mentioned above

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