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Our Forbes Educate bespoke training packages are designed to equip business leaders with the essential knowledge required to manage day-to-day legal issues within the education sector, with a view to minimising the need for costly legal advice and avoiding the necessity for complex legal intervention at a later stage. Our sessions are aimed at ensuring delegates are furnished with the knowledge base they need to be up to date with legal requirements and to recognise potential pitfalls as and when they arise, in order to ensure that staff, parent, student and pupil relationships can be managed appropriately and effectively in a timely and cost effective manner.

Our training packages allow us to become an integral part of your management team, sharing our knowledge and expertise with your staff.

Our Sessions

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Appeals Handling

Designed for those dealing with staff appeals against disciplinary/grievance matters, this session focuses on the problems that arise in an educational context, providing an overview of the importance of the appeal process, looking at relevant case law and providing genuine "hands on" tips.

Appraisals and Pay Appeals

This session sets out the key requirements for appraising the performance of teachers employed at an educational establishment. It details assessment and reporting requirements to ensure delegates are aware of their duties when conducting an appraisal. Our practical approach addresses new regulations relating to pay progression, performance related pay and their implications to give delegates the knowledge base to deal with these issues.

Conduct and Capability

An interactive session designed for any Leadership Team dealing with staffing issues. It can be pitched at different levels depending on the requirements of the individual establishment. It is heavily interactive and involves a role-playing session in order to illustrate the potential pitfalls and problems that can be encountered on a daily basis in dealing with conduct and capability matters.

Contracting with Third Parties

This session deals with the issues and pitfalls institutions need to be aware of when entering into contracts with third parties. It will provide delegates with an overview of when and how contracts are formed, when they should be in writing and negotiation tactics. It also covers the different types of clauses that may be included within a third party contract, drawing upon case studies from within the education sector.

DBS Checks and Disqualification by Association

An in-depth and comprehensive session covering the different types of disclosure, how they apply to different employees, commentary about the Children's Barred List and the legal obligations and requirements upon the employer in an education setting. Disqualification (including those disqualified by association) is a must for those involved in Early and Later Years provision. The session includes reference to the most recent guidance available and will provide an overview of the legal requirements and practical ways to protect those responsible for employing and dismissing employees in educational setting.

Equality and Diversity

Concentrating on the impact of the Equality Act 2010 on the workplace, this session explains the various legislative provisions of the Act with reference to most recent case law in order to give delegates a full flavour of the need to be aware of equality and diversity issues in the workplace. We draw on real life examples from our experience of advising educational establishments in order to provide highly specific, relevant training.

General Update

A general update session can be run on a six monthly or yearly basis in order to provide Leadership Teams with an update of the most important developments in education law, with a particular emphasis on Employment, Safeguarding and Admission Appeals dependent on the needs of your organisation.

Managing Social Media

This increasingly popular course reviews the law surrounding the use of social media by staff, pupils, students, parents and carers, placing it in a practical context. We incorporate current government guidance to provide educational institutions with the confidence required to deal with this increasingly common and difficult area. The course draws on the team's practical experience in advising educational clients to provide delegates with best practice and practical advice on handling these issues within the sector.

Mock Tribunal

An interactive session, using role-play to take you through the workings of an Employment Tribunal. This session is aimed at providing delegates with an insight into the Tribunal forum and aims to be as realistic as possible. It encourages delegates to be involved in the decision making process in order to highlight the potential issues that regularly arise in the Employment Tribunal.


Our leading experts in Local Government and Teachers pension schemes have designed this training session to offer accessible and easy to digest information regarding the legal requirements surrounding such schemes. The session is designed to present this often dull area in an engaging and informative format to equip leaders with the knowledge base they require to conduct their day-to-day roles.

Redundancy and Reorganisation

This comprehensive session is aimed at removing the confusion surrounding the legal framework dealing with redundancy and reorganisation; providing Leadership Teams, Business Managers and Governors with a practical toolkit, knowledge and confidence in planning the needs of your institution in an ever more demanding environment.


Safeguarding is a crucial part of educational practice, and is often a difficult area to navigate given the complex matrix of competing rights and obligations. With this session we aim to cut through the confusion to offer practical advice and guidance on the balance of rights equipping delegates with the knowledge they need to protect the institution, manage staff, as well as ensure that pupils and students are safeguarded at all times.

Trade Union Relations

Leading advisors in the area of Trade Union relations, this session is designed to offer comprehensive advice on maintaining and conducting Trade Union Relations. We use our extensive experience to not only provide training in the legal obligations surrounding Union relations, but practical advice on ensuring a positive working relationship with Union representatives


A current and topical training session covering the legal and practical issues that must be considered by educational institutions when dealing with transgender pupils, parents/carers and/or staff. The law in this area is developing and constantly changing, and involves a complex balance of competing rights. This session aims to ensure delegates are up to date with new legal developments and aware of the obligations on institutions.

Our sessions can be offered as a bespoke tailored package with a discount for multiple sessions, or on a 'one-off' basis. The sessions can be provided in person, or online in the form of a webinar, and to your individual establishment or in collaboration with other establishments to make the session more cost effective for you. We can also design a specialised training session to accommodate any specific knowledge requirements that you have, or tailor existing sessions to reference your specific policies and procedures. For information regarding the pricing schedule please contact Ruth Rule-Mullen, Head of Education, on 01772 220195 or Ruth Rule-Mullen

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