Equality and Diversity

Forbes Solicitors is intent on advancing diversity as a key feature within all its activities, as it believes this to be ethically right and socially responsible.

Equality and diversity are essential factors that contribute to the personal and economic success of all key players (staff, clients, suppliers, stakeholders) linked to Forbes and Forbes believes in recognising the value of every individual.  We are one of the founder signatories of the Law Society Diversity and Inclusion Charter, a flagship initiative within the legal profession whose aim is to encourage law firms to strive to develop and implement best practises in equality, diversity and inclusion.

Our own aim builds on our core brand values to create an environment that respects the diversity of staff, clients and suppliers, enabling our staff to achieve their full potential, contributing fully and deriving maximum benefit for them and their clients by providing a first class service.

To this end, Forbes acknowledges the following basic rights for all staff, clients and suppliers who make up the local business community:

  • to be treated with respect and dignity;
  • to be treated fairly with regard to all policies, procedures, processes and service;
  • to receive encouragement to reach their full potential.

No individual will be unjustifiably discriminated against. This includes, but not exclusively, on the basis of gender, race, nationality, ethnic or national origin, religious or political beliefs, disability, marital status, social background, family circumstance, sexual orientation, gender reassignment, spent criminal convictions, age or for any other reason.  See our Diversity Statistics.

These rights carry responsibilities.  Forbes will comply with all relevant legislation and good practice and Forbes requires all staff to recognise these rights and to act in accordance with them in all dealings with colleagues, clients and suppliers.

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