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Summer's been and gone and so has your savings interest


You may have had no choice but to run your savings down over the summer. Or you may already be thinking about building your savings up for next year's Summer holiday. On the other hand you may be lucky enough to have plenty of money kicking around in different savings accounts or investments. But how…

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Plan now to ease student debt


As thousands of young people across England are celebrating obtaining a place at university, many parents with younger children will be dreaming about their own children going to university. Now is the time for those parents to take action to help ease the burden on their children later in life. As…

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Pension Warning


With the government planning to speed up plans to raise the age at which the state pension can be claimed, Forbes Solicitors is warning people to start thinking about saving for the future. The state pension age for men will become 66, possibly as early as 2016 and women will move to a state…

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Why people need advice not just price comparisons


Characters like the MeerKat Aleksander Orlov and the Opera Singer Gio Compario have helped to convince a generation that Comparison websites are the best place to seek advice. This is only true if you believe that cheapest is always best. Comparison websites provide some information but don…

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Don't forget to protect your income


When it comes to insurance, there are plenty of obvious candidates for cover,for example your home, your car, your travel and even your pets. But while it's prudent to be protected, almost 90% of the UK's workforce fail to take out insurance for the thing that pays for all this cover : THEIR INCOME !…

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Spring Clean your Finances


With the first signs of Spring in the air it is the perfect season to tidy up your finances. Now could be a good time to start to save or increase your savings. The New Tax Year has just begun and the new £10,200 ISA allowances are available. Savers should beware of when any ISA Bonus Rate…

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7 reasons to have an ISA


1. ISAs are tax-efficient · There is no income tax to pay on the interest you earn on a Cash ISA · Basic rate taxpayers get a fifth more in interest each year than from the same account outside a tax-efficient ISA. · If you put your money into stocks and shares (see point 3),…

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