G4S Workers Sacked for Putting Tag on False Leg

According to Sky News, a pair of Group 4 Securicor workers have been sacked for placing an electronic tagging device on an offender’s false leg, thereby allowing him to breach his curfew condition by removing the leg and leave his property.

Whilst this is probably a fairly extreme example of failings by a security company, the sheer number of people who are tagged or monitored on bail conditions each week inevitably leads to huge amounts of systemic failings, wrongful arrests, and false imprisonments.  Many of these cases give rise to an automatic right to compensation for false imprisonment, which can cause a huge impact on the Police budget as damages for relatively short periods of imprisonment can quickly run to several hundreds or even thousands of pounds.

The most common example? Failing to update the Police National Computer to reflect correct bail conditions.  If you are released on bail by a Judge, and he/she orders that you be subjected to various bail conditions, those conditions apply immediately.  Been given a curfew from 5pm until 5am, and your hearing finishes at 4pm?  Better get back home quick, or you may be in breach of your curfew condition!

The same applies to the Police.  Everyday people are subjected to bail conditions, and every day a certain proportion of them apply for the conditions to be varied, either permanently or temporarily.  As soon as the Judge orders those conditions to change they change, regardless of what the PNC says.  It is common for people to be arrested on the same day that their conditions are varied, purely because the PNC department of the Police had not yet updated the PNC to reflect the new bail conditions.

These mistakes cause unnecessary suffering in the form of wrongful imprisonment, cost the Police millions every year, and clog Police Stations with people who have done nothing wrong. Perhaps it is time for a change in how bail conditions are administered?

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